Domestic jet aircraft 1812-1930
Domestic jet aircraft 1812 - 1930 years

Domestic jet aircraft 1812 - 1930 years


Jet device for the movement of aircraft used in the past.

After the war, the Russian officer 1812 AD Zasyadko worked on the creation of combat missile. He is considered as the creator of the missiles and launchers.

In 1880 was "Rocket institution" was founded in Moscow. This allowed local researchers considered Russia the first country where jet aircraft was born. Controversy "Who was the first?", Of course, can not be correct and serious. Creator jet technology - the human mind and the vast experience gained in the practical activity of man.

In 1840-ies. It began its activity on the study of the Jet Propulsion Russian military engineer Konstantinov. They invented the pendulum artillery missile tests. In 1856 Constantine in "Sea collection" expressed the idea of ​​using rockets as an engine for the balloons.


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Before the October Revolution 1917, the idea of ​​using jet engines for airships and balloons excited many researchers:

1866 of NM Sokovnin worked on airship jet.

1867, the NA Teleshov tried to create a jet engine.

1870 of General MI Ivaniv working on an advanced engine.

1881 of NI Kibalchich (Narodnaya Volya) suggested the aircraft chart with gunpowder engine.

1882, the NE Zhukovsky read a report "On the reaction of flowing and flowing fluid". In addition, the scientists report, and his pupils had carried out a large number of works by jet propulsion.

1885-1892 years. PD Kuz'minskii worked in St. Petersburg and experienced gazoparoturbinny engine with constant pressure during combustion.

1887 F. R. geschwenda published "Common base of the steamer aeronautic devices."

1895, the AP Fedorov published the work "The new principle of aeronautics, excluding the atmosphere as a supporting environment."

1897-1933 years. Tsiolkovsky created a number of well-known works: "space rocket", "Cosmic Rocket Trains", "jet airplane", "Investigation of outer space rocket appliances" and others.

1902 of Chaplygin published "On Gas Jets".

1909 N. Gerasimov granted a patent for an aircraft engine (the prototype of turbo jet engine).

1911, A. Gorokhov worked on motorjet.

1912, the gunner M. Pomortsev created a powder missile having range 9 km.

1913 of AN Shelest was issued a patent for a developed scheme motorcycle turbo jet engine.

1914 M. Nicholas developed a turboprop engine.


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Work on the creation of aircraft jet engines and continued after October 1917 1920 In the end, the engineer Tsander made a report on his jet engine. There his first airplane engines - OR and OR-1-2. To them, the first in the Soviet Union, in the city of 1924 was suggested the use of metals as a fuel for long-distance space travel.

Among the Soviet engineers working in the field of jet engines and rocket technology before the war, we should mention: V.Bazarova, winner of the Lenin Prize, MK Tikhonravov, NR Bri- linga, V. Uvarov, Khristianovich, Zhiritskogo GS, BS Stechkin, and others.

Father of Soviet turbojet engines can be called AA bassinet.

One of the centers for the development of rocket technology in the 1930-ies. Was the Jet Propulsion Group (GIRD). In this organization worked mostly graduates of the Academy. N.E. Zhukovsky. Later this group merged with the Leningrad Gas Dynamic Laboratory, and thus the Reactive Scientific Research Institute (RNII) was formed. In this huge role played a statesman GK Ordzhonikidze. In the RNII worked as employees, whose names are the pride of Russian science: SP Korolev, V.P. Glushko, MK Tikhonravov, VA Artemiev, GE Langemak, BS Petropavlovskii, Yu. A. Pobedonostsev, II Gwai, E. Schetinkov, FN Poyda, L. E. Schwarz, V. I. Dudakov, L. S. Dushkin, D. A. Shitov, A. G. Kostikov and others.


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