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Alexander Klinge - Junkers-87. Book. Reviews.
Aviation and literature
Alexander Klinge - Junkers-87. Book. Reviews.

Alexander Klinge - Junkers-87. Book. Reviews.


This aircraft is the main symbol of the blitzkrieg. Junkers Ju 87 cleared the way for armored units. This bomber was a real terror to the enemies of the Reich. During the war, this aircraft was not equal, the familiar silhouette of the ravenous, high precision throwing bombs and loud sirens produced before the dive, causing fear among the Soviet soldiers.

The fate of this aircraft reflects the fate Lyuftvahhe and all of the Third Reich, his triumph, unexpected failure and after the final collapse of 1943 years. Why is the existence of the famous aircraft was short-lived and in which battles were involved German pilots. All this you can read in a book containing the best research Junkers-87.

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