Establishment of communication between the aircraft and aeronautical post
Establishment of communication between the aircraft and aeronautical post

Establishment of communication between the aircraft and aeronautical post


Posts aeronautical communications and surveillance are assigned:

To establish the connection using the aircraft:

  • a) between the command and the military units in combat;

  • b) between the command and the columns on the march;

  • c) between the ground forces and aircraft at the airport;

  • d) in all cases, when for some reason can not be used in terrestrial communications.


To monitor the air to detect both flying and sitting down enemy aircraft and warning of its troops and authorities PVHO.


The direct connection with the post of the aircraft is carried out:

  • a) signaling plane signaling cloth;

  • b) dropping the post written reports to the pennant;

  • c) aircraft landing on the landing pad post.


Post connection can communicate with any aircraft in the air; with the aircraft, received special assignments for the exploration, updating and so forth., linger on the establishment of communication with the post will not be, but can support it at the appropriate calls on the way back, if the performance of direct assignment does not require urgent return of the aircraft.

Posts aeronautical communications and surveillance are contained in the staffing composition with the provisions of their regular equipment as a part of signal units: corps, divisions, infantry, artillery and cavalry regiments, air defense units and in each fleet.

State post - 5 people: Chief post (junior commander) and the Red Army 4 - Signalist observer.

The head of the post, in addition to knowledge of their duties in office, must be able to choose the landing site.

Signalist must have good eyesight and hearing.


The main property is the following post:

  • 1) alarm panel;

  • 2) set of identification or indication panels, which included Mr. 1 cloth length 8 n and breadth 0,5 m, 3 cloth length 2 l and breadth of 0,5 m <and overhead angle for alarm and indicate the direction of flight of enemy aircraft (the size of each side 2H0> 5 m);

  • 3) shifrer.


Location post

Post air connection is always ready to quickly turn around to work with aircraft.

The post is located near the headquarters of the serviced or command post. On the hike follows a post in a part of the column, where the senior commander, or on his instructions.


Signal ground for the post must satisfy the following conditions:

  • 1) located on an open, flat area near roads, forests and villages that it could easily track down planes;

  • 2) provides good visibility from the air is laid out signals that depend on good lighting and lack of tall buildings, trees, etc., That may cast a shadow on the panel, or even designed it, ie. E. To close it;

  • 3) provide fast finding discharged from the plane pennants with reports, so there should not be near swamps, lakes, bush, uncompressed field, etc .;

  • 4) as possible to ensure the landing of the aircraft;

  • 5) providing fast disguise from the ground and air surveillance of the enemy.


The command post should be dressed in dark blue overalls.