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Designation and types of aircraft and helicopters UK
Designation and types of aircraft and helicopters UK

Designation and types of aircraft and helicopters UK



Aircraft Identification (helicopter) Air Force and Royal Navy aircraft consist of letters and numbers that define the class of aircraft and its modification.

The following letters are used to indicate the class of aircraft:

  • F - Fighters;
  • FB - fighter-bomber;
  • FR - fighter equipped for reconnaissance;
  • FAW - all-weather fighter;
  • NF - night fighter;
  • B - bomber;
  • MR - reconnaissance aircraft, designed for action over the sea;
  • PR - aircraft equipped to conduct photographic reconnaissance;
  • TF - carrier-based attack aircraft;
  • AS - antisubmarine aircraft;
  • C - military transport aircraft;
  • NS - helicopter designed for the evacuation of the wounded;
  • HR - helicopter designed for scouting.


To designate the aircraft modifications are applied figures that determine the sequence number of the aircraft modifications.

Example of names and designations of the aircraft "fly Fayr-» AS7 ( «Firefly" - the name, the AS - anti-submarine aircraft, 7 - seventh modification of this type of aircraft).


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