army aviation
army aviation

army aviation

Army aviation - the Air Force component of some States, which purpose is to direct actions in the interests of military units.

Jobs that are put in front of army aviation - is conducting aerial reconnaissance, support of ground forces from the air, landing and fire support of their action, the laying of mines and other objects. Army aviation for the nature of the tasks are divided into 4 categories:

  • assault;
  • transport;
  • intelligence;
  • Special purpose aviation.

In service as part of these categories are airplanes and helicopters.

Assault aviation it is intended for destruction from a low height of ground and surface mobile targets mainly in the operational depth of the enemy's defense. The main task of the assault aircraft - support for land and sea units from the air over the battlefield.

Transport aircraft designed to release air assault, troop transport, delivery of provisions, food, fuel, medical and casualty evacuations.

Reconnaissance aircraft It is designed for aerial reconnaissance.

Role Special purpose aviation It is to perform specific tasks. These units and aviation units armed with special helicopters and airplanes (electronic warfare, radar surveillance, guidance, refueling, communications, etc.).

History of Russian Army Aviation

In the Soviet Union army aviation consisted of fellow bombers, attack aircraft, fighters, scouts and spotters. Organizationally, it was part of the Air Force combined arms armies. Before the start of the Second World War developed modern model aircraft (bomber Pe-2, the Il-2), which replaced the obsolete MiG-3, Yak-1 and LaGG-3.

At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War were separate bomber, fighter, mixed (assault) aviation division and reconnaissance regiments. 1942 autumn of each regiment had before on 32 aircraft to 1943, the number has expanded to 40 aircraft.

In 1946, the army aviation was armed with supersonic bomber aircraft, missiles, cannon weapons with radar systems and devices. They were able to perform tasks at any time and destroy enemy equipment in the far distance, the rear cover, to provide fire support for infantry to carry out aerial reconnaissance, search and hit the small moving targets.

In 80-ies in the Soviet Air Force were Su-24. Su-17, Su-7, An-26, An-24, An-12, IL-16, MiG-29, MiG-27, MiG-23, MiG-21, Mi-24 helicopters, Mi-8, MI -10 and Mi-6. The issue of maintenance of aircraft in the operating state of the combat engaged in the Air Force Institute.

Because of the high accident rate in 80-ies started deregistration single piston aircraft. Write-off of aircraft subject to 800.

Due to the ill-conceived policy of the Air Force lost the majority of fighters, bombers and scouts. The same drone touched.

By writing off were:

• Airplanes of fighter-bomber aviation - Su-17 and MiG-27.

• Most reconnaissance aircraft are Su-17М2Р, М3Р, М4Р.

• Fighter aircraft - MiG-23M, MLD, ML.

At full strength only stayed bombers, which became the main striking force. Su-Su-24 and 24M, its member, proportionally higher than all other combat aircraft. If we consider the military aircraft in terms of efficiency, the Su-inferior to the MiG-24 27 and Su-17M4. Therefore, reduction of single-engine vehicles were obviously ill-considered decision.

Since 2003, the army aviation is part of the Russian Air Force. Some experts believe it is the wrong decision.

Status of army aviation in Russia

Army aviation of Russia has always played a key role in many armed conflicts. Let us look for answers to questions about what the current state of our country's military aviation, and what steps are being taken to maintain its combat status.

Today Russian army aviation consists of several hundred kinds of helicopters (mostly domestic). Some of them are considered the best in its class. World famous and widely used have acquired Mi-Mi-24 and 35, large transport helicopters Mi-Mi-26 and 8, shock-28N Mi and Ka-52.

Particular attention government pays the modernization of the helicopter fleet. According to the program to update it, within a decade the ranks of the armed forces of the Russian Federation have to fill up more than one thousand modern helicopters. In 2014 the army of Russian enriched to 120 helicopters, including Ka-226, Mi-35M, Mi-8MTV-5, Mi-8AMTSH, Mi-28N and others. Also, according to the statements of the Russian Air Force, existing helicopters extensively repaired prolong life flying machines. There are plans to return to the repair shops in battle formation over 50 helicopters.

A few years will need to form teams of four and ten regiments of Army Aviation. These plans shared-Chief of the Russian Air Force. He also said that the regiments will be equipped with modern helicopters such as the Mi-26, 8AMTSH Mi-Mi-8MTV-5, Mi-28N and Ka-52.

The current year was marked by a full upgrade the helicopter fleet airbase in Novosibirsk. Airbase pilots have at their disposal more than 30 new helicopters:

• Air Assault MI-8AMTSH-B "Terminator". It has similar LTX with Mi-24.

• Multipurpose helicopters Mi-8MTV-5 - a modern version of the Mi-8T.

The main purpose of the new helicopters is to move and fire support of ground forces, target bombardment of enemy positions.

Day of the creation of the Army Aviation is celebrated in our country 28 October. On this day in 1948 in the city of Serpukhov it was formed first helicopter squadron, which marked the beginning of the history of Russian army aviation. For nearly seven decades of army aviation of our country took part in many armed conflicts, completing challenging missions.

The world appreciates the professionalism of Russian army crews. After all, it was our compatriots who were able to execute the loop of Nesterov on the Black Shark (Ka-50).