center section
center section

What is the center section?


Of center - the central part of feathers (wing) aircraft, which connects the left and right half-feathers (wing). The term appeared in the early days of aviation when the wing aircrafts were self-completed construction.

Often the center section is integral with the fuselage, is attached to the top of the fuselage (AN-24, An-10), is fixed above the fuselage on the braces and struts (biplane AN-2), passes through the bottom (Tu-154) or the middle part of the fuselage (MiG -15), serves as the power structure inside the fuselage (Tu-22M3) or simply not available (in this case the center-referred to as the central part of the fuselage between the wing planes).

The middle part of the upper wing includes a center section and I-shaped pillar that support it. They form a "pig" of center, braced, braces ribbons having the elliptical shape in the transverse plane.

The composition of the center section

Center section has two spar, stringer tape braces, ribs, stitched and attachment points.

The side walls are structurally the same as wing spars. The only difference is that they are more amplified. They have constant section.

Center section consists of two normal and four reinforced ribs. Reinforced - box-type and resemble reinforced ribs of the wing. With regard to normal ribs, they are also similar to the wing ribs and differ from them only shortened tails.


center section MS-21

Stretching promote strengthening of center of rigidity and braces consist of strips made of steel. At their ends have thread, which is screwed into the coupling strip.

Braces - have specific holes. The wraparound rib is curved in an arc and consists of sheet duralumin.

electron clip attached to the back of the front side member with screws. The roller has a trigger guard and is secured by a steel bracket. Bracket creep eliminates cable with clips.

electron roller made of duralumin, but in modern aircraft PCB welcomed. The diameter of the roller - 25 millimeters. The frame is processed in the same way as the fender. The center-top covered with a cloth that is sewn to the ribs. He was treated like close-fitting wing.

Behind the front spar in the central part of the center-hatch is provided to view the state of the cable and roller.

4 has center-unit that are installed on the end parts of the side members. Moreover, the front nodes do not have differences in the construction.

To front the node joins the upper ends of the diagonal struts and front, the upper end of the tape, braces, supports the front tape boxes and front wing spar.

Mounted on the rear spar units different from the front - they do not have fastening lugs. By the end of the node is attached (upper) C-pillar "wild boar" center wing, rear wing spar and trailing ribbon.

Racks of the center section are similar to each other in design. They are attached to the nodes with a bolt that has a crown nut. On airplanes with a radio installation, a short rod is attached to the spar, which acts as a mast for the radio antenna. The other end of the antenna is attached to the upper edge of the rudder. 

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