Antalya Airport Duty Free
Antalya Airport Duty Free

Antalya Airport Duty Free

"Duty free" - two words that have long been familiar tourist. They simply do not allow it to pass by, beckoning like a magnet. But not everyone knows the origins duty free, on how to operate the zone of free trade, that is better to buy a simple supermarket, which is beneficial to buy in the store.

Duty Free - a system of free trade, working in the seaports, international airports and passenger (sea and air) courts. All products in the network Duty Free shops are sold without excise taxes, charges and taxes, as a result are much cheaper than the products are easy to shop.

Antalya Airport Duty Free

In most cases, a network of shops selling duty free tobacco and alcoholic products, cosmetics and perfumes, clothing, accessories, issued by well-known international brands. The range of products may be different, depending on the country.

Duty Free Airport Antalya

Nowadays, it is believed that the richest range of products in stores Duty Free, located in Asia and the Middle East. Many tourists especially praised duty free airports in Japan, which is not surprising. Almost every shop in these countries is high-quality products and low prices.

Leading market position takes duty free Antalya Airport. Working time - around the clock, offices are located in all airport terminals. You will enjoy a large number of different products, including tobacco and alcohol, jewelry and watches, perfumes and cosmetics brands. There is in them and elite clothing, accessories, books, souvenirs and toys - just about everything you might need when traveling tourist. Save when you buy can reach up to 25 50%, that is to buy duty free in the airport of Antalya is extremely profitable.

Avid travelers have learned the benefits of Duty Free, but not everywhere you can see the same range of products and prices. Therefore it is best to explore the product catalog on the Internet.

Location divisions duty free Antalya Airport

Stores Duty Free in the airport of Antalya are located in the arrivals and return traffic. Their total number is eighteen pieces, and they are in two terminals. They can be recognized by excellent lighting, bright interior design and at affordable prices for products - these are marketing moves, and they are at a high level. In the zone of arrival to the airport, duty free shops can be seen opposite the tapes, where passengers' luggage is unloaded. In the relegation zone, Duty Free is on the ground floor, where tourists come after the documents are issued. There is much more in such a zone of shops. The price of all goods is approximately the same, but it is better to buy them before the flight. In all stores there is a sales consultant who will help with the choice. With the language you should not have any problems, because they all speak excellent Russian and English.

What to buy in duty-free Antalya Airport

What you need to know about shopping in Duty Free? Unfortunately, many inexperienced tourists grab everything. Of course, no one stops to do the same, especially as the service of the Turkish Duty Free and the range is so diverse and high that no one will think you have to stop and control.

Typically, Duty Free shops in tourist valued for a rich assortment of quality alcohol as well as tobacco and cigarettes, for cosmetics at competitive prices from the world famous brands. Accordingly, the demand for baby goods: suitcases, toys, different configurations - is much lower. In Antalya and olive oil quality. If you do not have time to get it on the coast, then you always have this possibility in duty free. Also here there and Hazelnut oil.

Antalya Airport Duty Free

Most often, customers buy in Duty Free alcohol. The cost of alcohol is acceptable, for example, high-quality cognac Hennessy VS cost 42-60 euros, the price of liquor also varies greatly - from the 12 30 to euros per bottle. The price of rum and whiskey depends on the country of origin and volume of packaging.

When choosing a tobacco major role acts out the question of quality of the goods. Buying cigarettes or other tobacco, you can be sure of its high quality. The duty free shops you can buy varieties and brands of tobacco products that are not imported into our country.

Women, too, will find what to buy. This is cosmetics, which can not be found in our stores, and perfume cost is very attractive. Probes, comfortable sets of large volumes, as well as these high-quality perfume "Chanel" or "Kenzo".

Antalya Airport Duty Free

But be that as it may, there is an opinion that the purchase in Duty Free and not so lucrative. Surely, you have heard that the prices do not differ from the prices of similar goods in the shops. This often happens because of an overvalued exchange rate, so experienced hikers recommend to ship the final purchase amount that you did not have the feeling that you cheated.

Free trade zones exist in almost all cities by sea or air ports and are major popular tourist destination. It is particularly convenient here to buy gifts for the many friends and relatives.

But it really is the price is much lower than in fact, than just a store? It is rumored that it happens and vice versa.

Therefore, if you are going to Antalya airport duty free, is initially available with the basic prices and the range of the words of those who have been there recently. Moreover, you can use the official site of Antalya store where indicated price of basic goods.

Which is better to buy goods in duty free Antalya Airport

As you know, at the airport in Antalya there are 2 Zone Duty Free: in the relegation zone, the arrival. According to the tourists, the first price is much lower. But there are difficulties: the transfer of large hotels offer so that the time before departure quite a bit, you do not have time to analyze the price difference. It is possible that it is their competent strategy. It often happens, when our compatriots, buy gifts relatives in Antalya in the relegation zone, subsequently complained about the banal and cheats by shortchanging sellers who peddling substandard products and treated the poor currency exchange rate.

Duty Free Antalya Airport 34

So think about buying souvenirs in advance by combining it with shopping in Antalya. And given the fact that all kinds of gifts, leather goods, haberdashery, as well as jewelry shops in Antalya itself much cheaper than in the Duty Free.

The duty free airport Antalya worth seeing chocolate and perfume. Despite the fact that the cosmetic products you will cost several times more expensive than in the Russian Federation, it has a higher quality, also in Antalya brand new items appear much earlier. Selection of chocolate in the Duty Free are just huge. For many lovers of sweets duty-free shops at the airport - a regular source of unique holiday flavor!

Restrictions in duty free Antalya Airport

Among the most popular items in duty free alcohol enters an expensive luxury. It's no secret that in our country the price of such products does not always respond to quality. Moreover, the more alcohol, the more it is likely to poison them. In Turkey, such as fraud is much rarer. So often, our compatriots buy in Duty Free Antalya liqueurs, whiskey and other strong drinks as a gift or for yourself.

Duty Free Antalya Airport 4

But it is worth remembering that the aircraft is allowed to take only a certain amount of alcohol. For example, if the drink stronger than 22 degrees, it can take up to six liters, and stronger, such as gin or whiskey, you can buy no more than three liters.

Restrictions also affected other products. For example, chocolate from Antalya you can take no more than six kilograms of pipe tobacco - 750 grams of cigarettes - nine units of cigars - 150 pieces.

All Duty Free shops

On the flight from Antalya in duty free, I bought a perfume Erme, Jour Absolute. Ugly fake, the flavor is not the same, steadfastness is zero. In vain spent money, I do not advise.

Victoria Secret is at the airport in Antalya? Does anyone remember?

I bought toilet water (a molecule) about 143 euros, a fake-filled simply LIQUID without any smell. A gift from her husband to another. Bastards in one word!

In which zone did the "Molecule" take the arrival or departure?

In the arrival zone, there is nothing better not to buy)

Molecule bought in Rive Gauche, a similar situation does not smell at all apparently the quality of the molecule fell not the same as before

Disappointed, bought there perfumed water and she turned out to be an odd thing, firmness in general, no and completely different.

In August, a friend bought in Duty free antalya tual. Water (molecule), when she opened it at home, it was in a shock-smell of alcohol and everything