Egoryevsky Technical Aviation College
Egoryevsky Technical Aviation College

Egoryevsky Technical Aviation College

Egorevsky Technical Aviation College named after Chkalov V.P. - one of the oldest educational institutions, is a branch of MSTU of civil aviation preparing specialists for civil aviation.

Egorievsk Technical Aviation School from 1991, the year passed to the preparation of specialists of an increased level of qualification with an extended period of study and it was renamed Egoryevsk Technical Aviation College.

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Founded in 1918 year, and thus is the oldest educational institution in the industry. Since 1947, it has been preparing technical aviation personnel for foreign countries and Russia. In 1991, they converted to college. Over the years of its activity has prepared more than thirty thousand specialists. The college conducts its teaching activities 74 teacher, of which 14 own academic degrees. Constantly about 1200 people are studying in college. EATC named after Chkalov V.P. implements a huge range of certified and licensed educational programs. Implementing an international education program since 1957. During this period, more than a thousand experts have been trained for 66 countries from all over the world.

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Training of foreigners is carried out under the contract. A graduate with a high-quality curriculum of a high level receives two diplomas: the first is about getting the “Senior Technician” profession, the second is about higher incomplete education, which gives the right to enter the third year of aerospace university. EATC in 2009 took part in the international exhibition “Aviation fuel supply - 2009”, in which Russian companies usually take part, as well as foreign (from Ukraine and Germany), close to this industry.
According to the order from 04.02.2008, with 01.03.2009, the Egorevsky Technical Aviation College of Civil Aviation named after V. P. P. Chkalov became a branch of the Moscow Technical State University of Civil Aviation (MSTU GA).

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Technical operation of engines and aircraft

It is a structural department of Egoryevsky Technical Aviation College, which trains personnel in the specialty “Technical maintenance of engines and aircraft” for civil aviation from 1947, and in the specialty “Technical maintenance of flight-navigation and electrified complexes” from 1996. At the heightened level, the first two years the cadets receive theoretical fundamental training. At senior courses, they gain in-depth knowledge of certain types of aircraft (Tu-204, Tu-154, Il-76, Il-96, An-24, Yak-42, An-26 and others) and master the skills of their service.

Pretty deep practical and theoretical training of graduates gives them the opportunity to work on aviation enterprises in all regions of Russia. Many graduates work in Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo, and so on.

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