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The Israeli Army Command held a tender to supply a system that could conduct aerial reconnaissance in the interests of units (platoon and above). As a result, a mini UAV skylark was selected. The machine is equipped with a set of species reconnaissance, which is located in the ventral container, and an electric motor. The flight passes with navigation on the anchor points in the autonomous mode. The system allows landing with an accuracy of 5 m. Airbag is used. Reuse the device in less than 5 minutes. According to US data, skylark was used by the Georgian military in 2008 in a conflict with South Ossetia.

UAV consists of a complex with a manual start. It is able to transmit video in real time to the ground stations. 5 kg weight system can control up to 10 area square km. The air can contain no more than six hours. The first model was introduced in 2003, in Paris. Skylark use drones Army of Macedonia, Croatia, Australia, Poland, Canada and the Netherlands. In the spring of this year 2008 system became interested in the French special forces.

ElbitSKYLARK. Characteristics:

Modification Skylark
Wingspan, m 2.74
Length m 1.83
Height, m  
Weight, kg  
payload 0.9
maximum take-off 4.55
engine's type 1 ED
Power, hp 1 x
Maximum speed km / h 80
Cruising speed, km / h 70
Radius, km 10
The flight duration, min 90


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