"Electric" GTD
"Electric" GTD

"Electric" GTD



"Electric" GTE can be performed without taking air from the compressor and without a mechanical box of drives for engine and airplane units: hydraulic pumps, generators, etc. In its systems, electric devices are used to drive pumps of the fuel system and mechanization units of the engine's gas path. Two variants are considered for suspension of engine rotors: with conventional rolling bearings and a lubrication system in which electric drive pumps are used, and with magnetic bearings for which no lubrication is needed. The second option relates to a longer term perspective due to the difficulty of obtaining an acceptable mass of magnetic bearings with modern technology.

Using a regulated electric fuel system allows you to dispense fuel into the combustion chamber without special dispenser: fuel consumption in this case is determined by the speed of the pump. And changing the fuel supply system, due to the fact that the device is no need to bypass and throttling the flow of fuel to align the pump outlet with the needs of the engine due to lack of tight coupling between the engine speed and the pump rotor.

When using electric drive for moving the guide vanes of the compressor spool reduces the number of precision pairs in the ACS units, compounds in the fuel lines, fire risk is reduced, since kerosene is not used in the power cylinders and excludes the impact of the drive in the fuel supply system.

The possibility of free placement of a motor-driven units, cables and pipelines, the room high-speed starter-generator and the generator inside the engine and the elimination of the gearbox reduces motor size and midsection.

Thus, the "electric" GTE for "electric" aircraft is an engine whose:

- there is no air bleed for aircraft needs,

- no gearbox for aircraft and propulsion units,

- a starter-generator and an additional generator built into the rotors,

- control and fuel supply system with electrically driven actuators,

- lubrication system with electric driven pumps or magnetic bearings for suspension of rotors,

- electric POS engine air intake,

- electric drive of the reversing device.

Expert estimates show that the "electric" engine

It has a number of advantages over conventional engines schemes: to 10%. 20% reduced weight and midship engine on 2%. 5% improved fuel efficiency, increased reliability in connection with the possibility of better monitoring and diagnosis of the engine and its systems, reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere, to 10%. 15% reduced complexity of manufacturing, reduced costs of operation of the engine.


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