In the early 1976 year OSKB MAI-S produced a new multi-purpose aircraft, which was used in the national economy. This machine had the designation "Elf" was equipped with a petrol four-cylinder two-stroke type, which gave 48 horsepower. Cooling air type.

The aircraft has been manufactured nizkoplan scheme, which is equipped with a push screw type. The weight of the entire structure was 330 kg, wingspan - 5,8 meters. The fuselage is made with all-metal installed along the corrugation on the wings. For take-off and landing vehicle is equipped with non-retractable landing gear system of the three pillars. Racks are made in the spring version with titanium.

For the first time in public vehicle "Elf" was presented at the exhibition NTTM in 1982 year. The car was awarded the gold medal. Exhibition model has a fixed slats that allowed to increase the angle of attack and greatly simplify piloting by remote control.

The power plant was located in the center of gravity of the aircraft, allowing you to quickly and efficiently replace the engine on the other, without any modification. Due to the push screw can be installed in the bow of the radar equipment, which was closed radome.

As for the stages of operation, they are carried out with the help of radio commands from ground control. Testing of this aircraft took place successfully. When managing remote drone perfectly practiced taxiing, run, and further the gap to the height of 2 meters. The first full flight occurred in 1979, in Tushino.

Remote control aircraft was designed as a pilot workplace and much like the cockpit of the aircraft. It consisted of hand and foot control. Television screens were installed to monitor the flight for this on-board cameras were installed. Also present standard carpal management system.

The control panel automatically rotated when tracking device is carried out by electric drives, and turns were in sync with the rotation of the head of the operator. Place the pilot was equipped with armrests and headrest for greater comfort. In the end, the unit "Elf" and the control panel has successfully passed the test tests.

The flight characteristics of the device were high enough, since it could fly at speeds of up to 80 120 km / h. The maximum range of the machine "Elf" reached 120 kilometers.

ELF-D. Characteristics:

Wingspan, m 5.86
Aircraft Length m 5.40
Wing area, m2 6.16
Weight, kg 360
engine's type 1 PD Nelson
Power, hp 1 68 x
Maximum speed km / h 195
Minimum speed, km / h 80
Flight distance, km 120


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