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Gulfstream Aerospace

Gulfstream Aerospace


Gulfstream Aerospace is a subsidiary of General Dynamics.

  • Headquarters: Savannah, USA

The corporation aims at designing, manufacturing, sales, service and technical support of the most modern corporate jet business jets. Since 1958 city, the company has built more than 2200 aircraft. For meet the future transportation needs of "Gulf Stream" offers a wide range of manufactured aircraft, consisting of such models: Gulfstream G150, Gulfstream G280, Gulfstream G450, Gulfstream G55, Gulfstream G650 and Gulfstream G650ER.

Gulfstream Aerospace

Gulfstream provides aircraft that were previously in use, through its Department of Gulfstream Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales.

The corporation consists of twelve major companies, which in total employ about 14 thousand. Employees.

The company's headquarters General Dynamics is based in Falls Church, Virginia, USA. The Corporation is the absolute market leader in business aviation, military equipment and ground expeditionary combat systems, shipbuilding and marine systems, information technologies.




The base of the company, from which further originated Gulfstream Aerospace, from the end of 50-ies of XX century, when the company Grumman Aircraft Engineering, famous for the production of military aircraft, in Bethpage, NY. New York, was built business aircraft, which quickly gained popularity and demand.


Gulfstream I (GI) - a modified turbo-prop aircraft, named after the ocean warm Gulf Stream flowing along the Florida coast - recreational management company Grumman.

Gulfstream Aerospace

The Gulfstream I could stay in 12 passengers easily. The maximum speed of the machine was 563 km / h, flights were conducted at altitudes 7620 m, range - up to 2200 miles (3541 km). This aircraft is the first of its kind designed specifically for service orders for the flights, which was a success in the world of business aviation. The successful start of control prompted the corporation "Grumman" on the need for development in this area and the construction of 2-generation corporate jet Gulfstream II (GII).


At the initial stage of design Gulfstream II in order to increase production efficiency Grumman Corporation management decided on the separation of civil aircraft production from the issue of the military mission aircraft.

In 1996 assembly of civil aircraft was moved to Savannah, NY. Georgia. The company quickly found qualified personnel, airfield, located adjacent to the plant site, and plenty of space required for the potential proliferation of infrastructure companies.

Optimum weather conditions for flight tests and the presence in this location of vehicles capable of transporting machinery and equipment, only strengthened the attractiveness of Savannah. The official presentation of the new company dates back to 27.09.1967. The new building was the assembly shop and conducted static test aircraft Gulfstream II. Staff savannskogo offices beginning of his discovery and design of GII consisted of 100 people, and on 90% was local people. After a couple of years, the staff increased to 1700 people.


Merger and Grumman American Aviation (manufacturer of civil aviation) has occurred, the last in 1972, 256-th in a row, Gulfstream II was released in 1977, the plant and sell the company savannsky American Jet Industries, which ran a little-known aviation businessman Allen Paulson.

Gulfstream Aerospace

Paulson was appointed president and chief executive officer. According to him the idea of ​​the corporation was renamed Gulfstream American. With his assistance, began to develop a new generation of business aircraft Gulfstream III with enhanced maximum speed and range than in GII.

His first flight of the aircraft at the end of GIII had 1979, at the first sale was held the following year. This aircraft was the first jet that flew through both poles of the earth.

Breakthrough companies Gulfstream in 80-ies

In 1981 was built a new corporate VIP-aircraft Gulfstream GIIB. The new model was upgraded from GII fuselage and wings of GIII with winglets.

This option is by weight and flight characteristics were the closest to the GIII, but had a short fuselage GII. Total it produced about 40 copies GIIB.

1982 spring, the number of employees in the manufacturing center of savannskom increased to 2,5 thousand., Then the company was renamed Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. to reflect its globality. Also at this time it started designing aircraft Gulfstream IV. A year later, the company put up for sale about 8,8 million shares. In 1985, the Gulfstream was bought by the well-known automaker Chrysler Corr. within the framework of multi-directional corporate development and advancement of its high-tech segment. Also in 1985, the company first came in the top Fortune 500, taking it 417-th line.

In 1987, the last 200th GIII was built, after which the first batch of Gulfstream IVs began to be built. The GIV commercial jet was the first in business aviation history to feature a fully glazed cockpit. In 1989, when Chrysler decided to auction Gulfstream, Paulson, with the help of private investment firm Forstmann Little & Co. bought back the Gulfstream business.


After the return of the former owner of the following 10 years have time for Gulfstream significant achievements. In 1994, the company had signed a five year contract with the firm NetJets. In 1995 the city completed construction of the production center for the implementation of a number of complex test version Gulfstream V, and began to develop a new business aircraft version GV, who became the first super-large business jet range. The second half of 90-x has become not less successful in the history of the company.

Gulfstream Aerospace

In particular, a maintenance center was built in Savannah, the cost of which was $ 16 million, and the hangar area reached 136 thousand square meters. pounds. The opening of this center dates back to 1996. A year later, the company began work on the simultaneous production of two aircraft at once: GV and GIV-SP. A few months after the release of the first batch of GVs in June 1997, about 40 records for speed and range were set on the new aircraft. The design team was awarded the 1997 Robert J. Collier Trophy for the development of a high-quality modern business jet, the most prestigious award in astronautics and aeronautics in the North America region.

Gulfstream as a subsidiary of General Dynamics in the era New Millennium General Dynamics was held at the end of 1990-ies. At that time, experts were aimed at reducing operating costs and improving the flight characteristics of their aircraft.


In 2000 the opening of an auxiliary base for the modernization of aircraft, valued at $ 5,5 million.

 In 2001, Galaxy Aerospace was acquired, with which the corporation General Dynamics It won the right to develop a model of medium size Astra SPX, as well as the Galaxy, who later received respectively naming G100 and G200. In the same year it was acquired technical base in four US cities: Minneapolis, Las Vegas, West Palm Beach and Dallas.

Purchased service centers with the existing center Gulfstream (of Westfield) became the basis of General Dynamics Aviation Services, is engaged in repair and maintenance of aircraft Gulfstream business-level and other brands.

In 2002 the company "Gulf Stream", it was decided to rename its product lineup, Roman characters in the names have been replaced by Arabic. This was done to differentiate its aircraft. At that time the company had a broad range of aircraft with a flight range of extra high - G500 and G550, aircraft with long range - G400, mid-range - G200 and 300 and one high-speed device - G100. In 2002 year, Gulfstream offered a plane, which serves as an air support and developed on the basis G100.

This plane could at any time to deliver the necessary spare parts Gulfstream its customers, who have not yet ended the warranty period for the products of the company within the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the mainland of North America.

Gulfstream Aerospace

In 2003, the service center has been bought on the basis of Luton Airport in London. He became the first branch of the company Gulfstream, outside the United States. This year, built a prototype of the long-haul aircraft G450.

In 2004 the city began serial production of medium model G350. The company also received an award 2003 Collier Trophy for the development of the aircraft G550. This award was the second for the company "Gulf Stream" in the past 10 years of activity.

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