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Ranger is a tactical reconnaissance drone created by IAI Malat UAV Division (Israel), together with the Swiss company Oerlikon-Contraves and RUAG Aerospace. The device was built by order of the Swiss Armed Forces. In December 1988 year he made his first flight. Ranger (preproduction version) adopted for testing in Swiss Air Force in 1990 year, and he received the designation Ranger. UAV is designed for day and night surveillance, and reconnaissance, taking into account the climatic and topographic conditions.

For these purposes in the drone was a laser rangefinder, in conjunction with the lighting system and camera objectives Tamam MOSP company IAI. Landing UAV took place on a wheeled chassis (winter - ski), and the launch - by a hydraulic catapult. The emergency landing parachute is used (in the search for such situations UAV system is used RPV). The complex includes ADS 3-6 UAV, the catapult and the command post. In 1995 it was awarded a contract for the supply of 4 production systems, including 28 unmanned Ranger. In the middle of the year 1998 was delivered the first set, but in the last year 2000.

UAVs of this type are also used by the Swiss police to carry out search and rescue tasks and intelligence. Ranger used in service in Finland.

IAIRANGER. Characteristics:

Modification Ranger
Wingspan, m 5.71
Length m 4.61
Height, m 1.13
Wing area, m2 3.41
payload 45
maximum take-off 275
Fuel l 40 + 20
engine's type 1 PD Hirth F 31
Power, hp X 1 38
Maximum speed km / h 220
Cruising speed, km / h 180
Range, km 100
standard fuel  
with an additional tank 5
The maximum rate of climb, m / min 6
Practical ceiling, m 4500


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