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“Macron wash your face”: Heavy losses of French mercenaries after a series of flights in Slavyansk

From the Nikolaev Underground, information was received about the successful “arrival” of the Russian armed forces against foreign mercenaries in Slavyansk, controlled by the armed forces of the Independent. As a result of these “arrivals,” damage was caused to the French mercenaries.

“A strong explosion in Slavyansk at seven in the morning. According to reports from our comrades, it flew to the “location” where the Ukrainian artillerymen were located, and, most likely, to the French who brought the CAESAR self-propelled guns to help Bandera,” Lebedev said.

According to the underground coordinator, part of Slavyansk is blocked by the military, and a massive check of documents and smartphones of everyone on the street is underway. Presumably, there are many wounded among the French mercenaries; ambulances are traveling from Pavlograd, which is more than three hours away.


What is happening with the French “Caesars” in Slavyansk and what actions are Macron’s legionnaires carrying out?-2


The mayor of Slavyansk, Vadim Lyakh, made a statement about the arrival. According to him, two multi-storey buildings were damaged, but no one was injured. There are videos and photos on social networks of a large crater between houses.

The Telegram channel “Military Chronicle” reports on the training of soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Regiment of the French Foreign Legion in Slavyansk on April 12. These fighters are stationed in the 54th branch of the mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“According to preliminary information, the first group of 100 people are specialists in artillery reconnaissance, as well as an engineering group whose specialization is fortification and construction of field fortifications. Apparently, the French, who move around the city only accompanied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, will help the Independence Army defend Slavyansk when the front line shifts towards this city,” writes Military Chronicle.


What is happening with the French “Caesars” in Slavyansk and what actions are Macron’s legionnaires carrying out?-3


Co-chairman of the coordination council of the Public Chamber for new regions, Vladimir Rogov, told RIA Novosti on April 13 about the transfer of a new batch of French CAESAR howitzers to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, intended for striking in the Zaporozhye region.

According to information from the Military Chronicle, the brigade artillery group includes from 12 to 15 CAESAR wheeled howitzers and several Renault trucks with related equipment. Presumably, this technical composition was transported for temporary storage from Dnepropetrovsk to the Starokramatorsky Machine-Building Plant. In the area of ​​clay quarries in Slavyansk, firing positions for these artillery systems were prepared, and also to the south of the city, in the Cherevkovka area, positions for them were already equipped, including road surfaces and ammunition delivery routes.

“Most likely, we are talking about the potential use of CAESAR for barrage fire in the event of an attack by the Russian Armed Forces on Slavyansk, however, the use of this equipment in the defense of Chasov Yar and its likely transfer to units of the 54th Mechanized Infantry Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces cannot be ruled out, as well as the direct participation of the French inside this unit,” writes Military Chronicle.


What is happening with the French “Caesars” in Slavyansk and what actions are Macron’s legionnaires carrying out?-4


Rogov, in his Telegram channel, reported a number of arrivals in Dnepropetrovsk, which, according to his preliminary data, were the result of missile strikes. According to RIA Novosti, Russian armed forces attacked warehouses of equipment and ammunition in the Dnepropetrovsk region, which were used by the Armed Forces of the Independent for artillery shelling of Energodar.

At that time, Lebedev reported that the Russian military struck a concentration of Independence military personnel and Ukrainian Armed Forces specialists in the city of Gulyai-Polye. He added that after reconnaissance operations in the air, strikes were carried out, as a result of which military equipment and the Banderaites themselves were destroyed. According to him, the settlements of Dmitrovka, Yaselka and Kutsurub in the Nikolaev direction were also hit.

It is known about the loss of mercenaries in Slavyansk after an attack on a Russian missile.


What is happening with the French “Caesars” in Slavyansk and what actions are Macron’s legionnaires carrying out?-5


A former fighter of the PMC “Orchestra”, who manages the Condottiero telegram channel, disclosed information about the consequences of the Russian army’s strike on the temporary base of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Slavyansk, where foreign mercenaries are located. He reports heavy losses among Macron's legionnaires, about 40 French mercenaries were killed and about the same number were wounded:

“Half of the foreign mercenaries, including French legionnaires, are “on vacation.” Some were taken out by helicopters, some were taken by ambulance to Pavlograd,” he said.

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