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MBB Bo 105
MBB Bo 105

MBB Bo 105



MBB Bo 105 - German shock and multi-purpose helicopter. Available in both civilian and military versions.
Designed by the German company MBB (DASA).


MBB Bo 105 photo.

MBB Bo 105 photo.

The first flight was made in 1967, 2001 produced a total more than 1200 helicopters of various modifications. It is in service with many countries of the world, it is operated widely in civil aviation.


MBB Bo 105 photo.

MBB Bo 105 photo.


Features Helicopter MBB Bo 105:


  • Crew: 1
  • The greatest number of passengers: 2 4 stretchers or passengers
  • Length: 8,55m
  • The diameter of the rotor: 9,82m
  • The diameter of the tail rotor: 1,9m
  • Height: 2,98m
  • The area swept rotor: 76,05kv.m
  • Profile wing: NACA23012
  • Track chassis 2,5m
  • Empty weight: 1120kg
  • Normal takeoff weight: 2000kg
  • The highest take-off weight: 2300kg
  • Volume of fuel tanks: 570l
  • Powerplant: 2 × turboshaft Allison250C20
  • Engine power: 2 × 400l. from. (2 × 294kVt)
  • The maximum permissible speed 270km / h
  • Maximum speed: 232km / h
  • Flight duration: 6ch35min (with additional fuel tanks)
  • Ceiling: 5030m
  • Suspension Points: 2
  • The combat load: 456kg
  • Rate of climb: 6,7m / s


Practical range:

  • at the ground: 585km
  • at an altitude: 656km (on 1525m)


Ferry range: (with additional fuel tanks)

  • at the ground: 1030km
  • at an altitude of 1525 m: 1158km


Static ceiling:

  • using ground effect: 2715m
  • without the use of ground effect: 1735m

The load on the drive:

  • under normal takeoff weight: 26,5kg / m
  • at maximum take-off weight: 30,5kg / m


MBB Bo 105 photo booths

MBB Bo 105 photo booths.


Guided Missiles:

  • missiles "air-land»: 8 × TOW or 6 × HOT


Additional armament:

  • NBS202 system with 20mm gun RheinmetallMk20Rh202 (525 cartridges)
  • EmersonFlexibleTurretSystem turret with six-gun 7,62mm M134Minigun (1000 cartridges)


MBB Bo 105. Gallery.

MBB Bo 105 helicopter on the runwayMBB Bo 105 helicopter in flightMBB Bo 105 helicopter with the doors open

MBB Bo 105 camouflage colorsMBB Bo 105 after takeoffMBB Bo 105 in the sky

MBB Bo 105 photo frontMBB Bo 105 helicopter schemeMBB Bo 105 helicopter after landing


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