Pension stewardess. What does it depend on?
Pension stewardess. What does it depend on?

Pension flight attendants. What does it depend on?


Jobs in the aviation industry - a wonderful time. Despite the constantly evolving potential friction and trouble at work, it brings satisfaction. Many people. Touching the profession, they fall in love with her, and faithfully serve until retirement age. Indeed, some people are so fond of this occupation, they hard to part with the aircraft, the heart is constantly bursting into the sky, and requires the next portion of adrenalin.

Pension stewardess. What does it depend on?


Only the conquest of the skies, makes it possible to quench the thirst of the flight. These people are the true aviation until the last moment. Even when they do not may have to do their job as a flight attendant, such employees, the airline employs on the ground, this means ensuring the implementation of the ground work, because it is sufficient here, too. Regret person to part with quite an impressive sky. It is associated with memories and years, which are held in the conscientious performance of duty.

On average, 45 years stewardess already receives a pension. At the same time, it should work 10 years is a stewardess and all 20 years (total time).

Going to a pension, each flight attendant for a long time may be useful to conduct classes in the training of young personnel, sharing their experiences with those who came to replace them. Pensions for flight attendants - is only the beginning of life, as compared with wages, pension legislation in relation to this category of employees more prudent.

Pension stewardess. What does it depend on?


First of all, flight attendants belong to the category of employees who work in the field of civil aviation, and it already gives certain privileges when calculating pensions. On the other hand the overall experience in the profession is important. Thus, the average pension stewardess 15000 rubles in guarantees comfortable existence of every employee who retired.

Retirement age does not become a barrier for people to perform additional duties, additional work on the device. Also, work in the civil aviation, allows earlier retirement so that such cooperation with the airline provides not a bad pension.

Pension stewardess. What does it depend on?


Aviation - a wonderful world, which is associated primarily with the travel, the discovery of new countries, thus expanding the horizons and learn more. So, working on flight attendant positions even in the smallest airlines, many people have time to see, to understand the world, and later, to share the experience with a new generation that comes to replace those who have already managed to know the heavens.

Do not tell me about pension in the amount of 15000 rub. I worked as a stewardess, I left all my health there, and my pension was 9300 rub. Although, to me already 56 years and how many were supplements, and the pension is ridiculous!

Tatiana, hello, could you tell me about this profession?

Well done stewardess good pension