Landing plane on the way
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Landing plane on the way

Aircraft landing on the road.


8 August last year, once so very discreetly, in the media there was information about the landing of the Su-25 "Rook" on a specially prepared section of the federal highway M60 "Ussuri".

Why do want to focus attention on this? Simply least because a significant event, which is able to lead to major changes as the road construction, and in the practice of training Air Force pilots.

Landing plane on the way

In Belarus the use of such aircraft road sections (DSA) conducted during exercises in September 2014g. On the section of the highway M4 "Minsk-Mogilev" sat Su and MiG-25-29. It should be noted that such landings are not held for the first time and that the landing occurs not just in the section of the highway, and a specially prepared area.

Historically, it is assumed that for the first time, began to carry out similar pilots landing division of the famous AP Pokryshkina that in 1945 year, sat down and took off on the fighters P-39 Aircobra, with the Berlin motorway.

But the "Cobra" - not the MiG-29 and Su-25, and the route is not our German autobahns.

In Soviet times, these areas (DSA), and designed and built everywhere since 1930-ies, in order to create an extensive network of operational airfields. The implication was that the enemy aircraft strike the first blow directly on the base airfield aviation, like DSA, will allow to fight with them. As such AUD allow refueling frontline aircraft, those that do not have a system in-flight refueling.

Landing plane on the way

These stretches of road, in the Soviet Union were entered in the directories for pilots, of course, it was all chipboard (for official use only one of the varieties of "classified"). DSA considered alternate aerodromes. There were about 20 pieces. But 1991god, the disintegration of the Union, and hit in this area. The establishment of such areas has been suspended.

Former Air Force Commander, General of the Army Pyotr Deinekin believes that an increase in the construction of modern federal highways, build DSA is not just necessary, but timely. According to him, all the tracks constructed before 1990 year are such sites. And their state and condition of the shoulders to accommodate auxiliary equipment, carefully monitor MO.

So what is the DSA?

The aviation section of road to be straight, long at least 2,1-2,5 km. It should have a "clean" approaches (ie not be in range of high buildings, power lines, water towers, crossing the wire and so on.). The width of the DSA must be at least 16 meters (according to other sources, at least 40 m). In addition DSA should have auxiliary taxiways (RD), parallel to the main strip to be supporting the band. RD need for rapid exit from the band, to clean for takeoff or landing. Also needed parking for technology support.

Landing plane on the way

In Russia today there are 4 category roads. According to the high-Road (the former deputy chief of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "General Directorate of roads and airfields during Spetsstroy Russia" and the former head of the complex construction of airfields Sergei Kalmykov) road 1 categories are ready to accept any Air Force planes, and even the transport Il-76 (interestingly, he took into account the level of theft in road construction, replacement of expensive materials cheaper, etc?)

Near St. Petersburg, there are 3 area DSA. In Moscow, Murmansk highway, and somewhere near Vyborg. More precisely identify failed. Interestingly, these sites will be able to do, well, at least the Su-25 (weight about 12t)? Not to mention the MiG-29 (normal takeoff weight 15 t.), MiG-31 (about 35t), Su-27 (normal takeoff about 24t).

Landing plane on the way

Who will bear the brunt of the costs of construction and maintenance of the DSA? If the MoD, it is quite expensive for them. If the state budget, ie, So always scarce Ministry of Transport and Road Fund, it will be whether it is good for the country? The question is not rhetorical. According to some experts, these sites will be on 20-25% more expensive than usual.

And another question arises: if the MoD has the means to create such sections of the route can not be restored at the beginning why a huge number of abandoned airfields? They have for over 20 years dilapidated and fell into disrepair. Many private pilots again "open" such airports with more stripes 2km, forgotten and abandoned in the wilderness forests. Are they no longer needed the Air Force, with all the infrastructure, access roads and so on.?

Landing plane on the way

As we make the road, they know everything. Examples mass deposited when only part of the route, after a year has trodden track. And at the federal (!) Roads have areas where you can leave the suspension and wheels. Would not a AUDami?

Case Construction DSA, of course, very necessary. The experience of landing on the route, for any pilot needs. And well, if the organization AUDov in the country will not be just an expenditure of budgetary funds, and will improve the quality of our Air Force.

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