Airbus Eurocopter UH-72A
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Deliveries of Airbus Helicopters helicopters for the US Army

Deliveries of Airbus Helicopters helicopters for the US Army


In connection with the ongoing economic crisis rearmament program of the US Army, it has been reduced in view of certain types of weapons.

The budget of the military establishment in the year 2015 496 planned in the amount of billion. Dollars. In 2015 the Ministry of Defense plans to purchase helicopters, Airbus Eurocopter UH-72A and within 2 years 100 purchase units that should replace the outdated model helicopter Bell TH-67.

Airbus Eurocopter UH-72A

Airbus Eurocopter UH-72A

The main specialization of the helicopter - it's the use of aircraft as a training for the personnel.

The first batch of helicopters arrive in 2015 55 year in the number of units in the amount of 417 million. Dollars, and the remaining units will be delivered 45 2016 in the year.

Eurocopter helicopters are already used in various divisions. This helicopter model is a military modification of EC-145. A distinctive feature is the simplicity of control, reliability of design, universality. The flight crew will undergo training and acquire helicopter management skills at Eurocopter UH-72A, and then continue training on combat helicopter models. The helicopter will be equipped with special equipment for fixing the pilot's actions, with the possibility later on based on the data of the registration instruments, to carry out a detailed analysis of errors committed during the flight.

In re promession Army and Navy with armament removed outdated technology: Lockheed U-2, Fairchild Repuclic A-10 and other weapons.

The Navy plans, plans to reduce its purchases of aircraft and helicopters for 5 years 9 reducing costs bln. Dollars.

Eurocopter UH-72A Lakota - equipped with two engines with four-bladed rotor, purchased under the program LUH launched in 2004 year, which envisages purchase 322 helicopter to perform the logistics, medical services, and use as a training model for training pilots . The first models of helicopters were delivered to the US Army in 2006 year.

Airbus Eurocopter UH-72A

Airbus Eurocopter UH-72A


Specifications Eurocopter UH-72A Lacota:

· Crew - 1-2 pilots;
· The passenger compartment can accommodate 9 people or 2 stretchers with wounded and medical personnel;
· Body length 13.03 m;
Screw (diameter) - 11.0 m;
· Height - 3.45 m;
· Weight (net) - 1792 kg;
· Payload - 1793 kg;
· Maximum takeoff weight - 3585 kg; power plant - 2 Tyrbomeca Ariel 1E-2 engines, 738 hp. (each);
· Maximum speed - 269 km / h;
· Cruising speed - 246 km / h;
· Range of hostilities - 685 km;
· The highest lifting height is 4018 m.


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