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Program S-1

In Russia, it developed a response to the American "global strike concept"


In Russia, a team of enthusiastic engineers is developing a response to the American concept of a global strike. Unlike American colleagues, Russian developers offer a comprehensive system solution that allows not only to exclude Russia from potential targets for non-nuclear precision hits of "global" American weapons, but also to make a high-quality technological jump in several areas of industry. The development was named "Program S-1". As the main component of the concept of global impact are hypersonic aircraft (able to accelerate in the atmosphere in 6-8 times the speed of sound, which now allows us to speak of the invulnerability of such maneuverable aircraft for existing air defense systems), Russia should be explored and mastered as soon as possible Key technologies that open up wide opportunities for the rapid creation of hypersonic complexes.

Program S-1

The S-1 program is a complex and interconnection of a number of projects in the field of hypersonic technologies aimed at the creation and integration of several fundamentally new types of aircraft capable of effectively solving the existing and foreseeable tasks of the Air Force and the Air Defense Forces with a perspective for 30-50 years. The declared goals are achieved due to a flexible system of investment management and mastering of supercritical technologies by profile industrial associations. The program, developed by specialists of SLine-hypersonic, is capable of providing reliable protection of air and near-earth space over the territory of the Russian Federation.

As a result of the implementation of hypersonic aircraft projects laid down in the program, Russia was one of the first to enter into an era of future aircraft that will give tangible benefits in building international relations, as well as create a new international market and keep the lead on it.


The program allocated 3 main areas:

1. Projects - a full cycle of works on the creation of aircraft products

2. Technology Research - cycle of research works on development and introduction of technologies superkritichnyh that, due to the high unification of products, applicable to all projects in the program.

3. Production - implementation of measures for the conversion of the existing and creation of new production facilities for the implementation of projects.


The aims and objectives of the program.



1. Withdraw air and missile defense to a new level (the widespread use of hypersonic missile, developed under the project 1UV)

2. Implementation of the possibility of a global impact. (Project 1VKS, 1A)

3. Protection of the Russian Federation in the areas of air and near-Earth space. Guaranteed detection and elimination of any purpose, including such as "hyper-", regardless of the altitude and flight velocity. (1A Project)

5. Creation of an engineering and technological reserve (first of all - power plants) for a single-stage scheme for launching into a near-earth orbit. (Project 1KSU) 

6. The development of the military-industrial complex, the organization of innovative and deep modernization of existing production facilities, attracting huge volumes of financing through international cooperation of allied countries.

7. A significant reduction in the time to respond to local / terrorist threats (the product 1A able to destroy a well-defended target within 5000 kilometers per hour from the time of receipt of the order, while remaining invulnerable to enemy air defense)

Program S-1


1. Create tens of thousands of new jobs at the expense of deep modernization of existing and creation of new production capacity.

2. The ability to make a flight from Moscow to New York and back within 8 hours (1 working day)

3. A significant reduction in the cost of space tourism

4. International cooperation in the implementation of space tourism program (receiving more than 50% stake in the project by the project 1VKS)


At this point in time SLine specialists performed the following work:

  • A list superkritichnyh technologies, such as the cooling system, high-temperature composite materials and alloys, streamlining of management, etc.

  • A preliminary air cooling technology in perspective hypersonic engine - a key technology of efficient operation of the power plant.

  • The project of a hypersonic combination engine (product code S1-301A) with pre-cooled air Consumables - main propulsion for hypersonic aircraft for military and civil purposes.

  • A look of hypersonic shock set (product code S-1A), identified initial requirements, aerodynamic and interior layout options for the application to solving problems of the Air Force, air defense and aerospace defense.

  • Worked superkritichnye key technologies for integrated thermal control systems for hypersonic shock complex.

  • After working for the appearance of long-term hypersonic weapons (guided missiles "Air-air", "air-ground" and "air-space") for use with the aircraft - carrier type S-1A.

Program S-1

In the past few years in the United States and the European Union is actively being developed hypersonic aircraft, but at the same time, all the projects are separate and not linked to a single chain, which gives grounds to assume a self-defeating newly created products in comparison with the S-1 program both in cost / development time, and the degree of development superkritichnyh technologies.

Project Manager:

Savelyev Roman S.

He graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) in 2012 year faculty "Aeronautical engineering" department "Systems and equipment of aircraft." In the same year he entered the graduate school of the Faculty of Aerospace. In 2016 year scheduled Ph.D. "Flying Laboratory demonstrator hypersonic speeds."

Since 2011 has been working as a design engineer in the aviation field, in parallel participated in the projects of creation of unmanned aerial vehicles by category "thermal control systems on-board equipment."

 Since 2012, he has been involved in the creation of a hypersonic aircraft.
Since 2013 has headed a team of associates SLine-hypersonic.

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Author: Savelyev Roman Sergeevich

We hope for positive results. Good luck.


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