Registration on a plane online
Registration on a plane online

Check in for a plane or flight online. All airlines.


Registration on the site Aircompanies



So, consider the example of the most popular carriers:



Aeroflot logo


The largest airline of the country on its official website provides detailed information about the possibility of online registration.


Online check-in starts 24 hours and completed within 30-40 minutes. before departure.


Register online for the "Aeroflot" customer is available, if they fly no pets, no children under two years and do not require additional services (support for disabled child, etc.).


Passengers can check in online for all flights, except for flights to India and the United States.


Baggage can be taken by going to the reception rack Drop Off. If the airport they do not, you can take the luggage at the reception.


If passengers can not print the ticket for some reason, you can always do it in a special online centers are in terminals D and F Sheremetyevo.

Online registration page: aeroflot Aeroflot



Transaero logo


If you are a customer of airline "Transaero", registration is available for half an hour before departure. Registration closes one hour before departure. Flying in the direction of Russia - the United States, passengers must be registered within four hours prior to departure.


After online registration of the airport Kiev (Juliani), as well as from Beijing, Bangkok and cities in the US you need to come to the reception, in order to indicate their passport data.


Online registration page: Transaero Transaero




Online registration for the aircraft starts 24 hours and closes an hour before departure. Online check-in does not apply to charter flights.


It should be noted that passengers operate the flight from cities such as Barrow, Baku, Astrakhan, Tambov, Arkhangelsk, etc., have to go to the front desk to show certification of a boarding pass or passport details.


If you are not able or do not have time to print your boarding pass, you need to print the coupon on their own or visit the reception at Vnukovo.


Flight check-in page online: UTair UTair


S7 Airlines


registration services on-line offers and the famous Siberian company S7.


On the official website you can see the detailed information about how to register for the flight. You will be introduced to areas that are subject to on-line registration. In addition, here is a list of cities for which online registration has some subtleties. These include Beijing, Bangkok, Dubai, Odessa, etc.


Sign up for your flight online is possible for 30 hours before the flight, closes registration for 50 minutes. Not less than 40 minutes before your flight, you can drop off your luggage.


Passengers with infants can register online, but the selection of places for them, unfortunately, limited. But there is an opportunity to change their place when handling the reception.


Online registration page: Airline S7 Siberia Airlines S7


STC "Russia"


Online registration is available at 24 hours and closes three hours before the expected departure. It is worth noting that the boarding gate indicated on your boarding pass, can vary, so it is necessary to specify the information on the monitor or flight reception.


With printed coupon is necessary to arrive at the airport no later than 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Pass baggage passengers can at the front desk out of the lineup.


For 40 minutes before departure ends baggage check; surrenders baggage during online check-in at selected Drop Off counters.


More recently, online check-in "Russia" is carried out on the official website of "Aeroflot".


Online registration is available at: Russia Russian airline


Airline "Ural Airlines"


Sign up for the flights through the Internet for each airline can 23 hours before departure. Opportunity Registration ends four hours before departure.


Note that register online flight Yekaterinburg can be twelve hours and no later than one hour before the flight. As for charter flights, then check on them opens 6 hours, while for transit flights - for 12 hours.


Traveling with a baby, you can register online and print a notice on the implementation of the registration, which subsequently will be exchanged at the front desk on the flight boarding pass. It is worth noting that a passenger with a child, not all places.


You can drop off your luggage at the front desk Tour / special rack Drop Off inscription.


Online registration page: Ural airlines Ural airlines


The airline "Orenburg airlines"


As you can see, and smaller airlines have implemented online registration service. For example, the airline "Orenburg airlines" offers register online for certain flights.


Registration on a plane starts 24 hours and completed within four hours prior to departure. On the procedure of registration of luggage rack passes flight registration.

Online registration page:  Oreneyr Orenburg airlines




Vim Airlines Company has exactly the same registration limitations in time, as ORENAIR.


Service choice seats in the cabin is valid for all flights, except for those that are sent from Moscow to Verona, Tivat, Simferopol and some other cities.


Online registration page: VIM-Avia VIM-Avia


International airlines. Alphabetically.


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