Systems of reference travel angles and the plane of the course
Systems of reference travel angles and the plane of the course

Systems of reference travel angles and the plane of the course


Selecting the frame corners travel flight and aircraft performance data rate is determined by the aircraft and its navigation equipment.


Terms and conditions exchange of instruments on the plane can be divided into three groups:

1. Flying with small changes in magnetic latitudes outside on airplanes equipped with magnetic or gyromagnetic compasses.

2. Flying with significant changes in the magnetic latitude on airplanes equipped with a magnetic compass, giropolukompa- themselves or exchange rate systems, the average accuracy without automatic measurement drift angle, ground speed and dead reckoning.

3. Flying at any distance on aircraft equipped with accurate exchange rate systems and devices for automatic measurement of drift angle, ground speed and dead reckoning.

For the first group selected conditions loxodromic magnetic reference system of travel and flight angles of the plane of the course. Thus the length of each path segment loxodromic taken such that the magnetic track angle in its initial point different from the end point of the track angle of not more than 2 ° interval with a length up to 300 km t. E.

In this case, the average length of the magnetic track is different from the extreme angle of not more than 1 °, and the maximum deviation from the track loxodromic orthodromic does not exceedt. e. loxodromic line coincides with the great circle.

If the start and end travel segment angles differ by less than 2 °, the loxodromic path segment length can be increased when operating in the meridian direction or in any direction in the equatorial latitudes when small changes Dm.

Magnetic loxodromic track angle in the practice of piloting is usually called magnetic angle roadway (LPA).

LPA is measured relative to the magnetic meridian midpoint path segment:

For the second group of conditions selected orthodromic frame of reference travel and flight angles of the aircraft relative to the reference rate of the meridians, or meridians initial path segments. In this case the great circle track the flight angle (GTC) is assumed to be true right path segment trip ticket to its initial point or the point of intersection of the continuation of the segment with the reference meridian.

In the span of reference meridians or starting points or path segments giropolukompas exchange rate system is exposed on the testimony of the true course of the aircraft. For example, the exchange rate regime of the system to the MC with the installation (on a scale of declinations) magnetic declination in the MS or in the astronomical point correction mode. After agreement (working off the true course), the system is transferred to the CCP regime.

If you want to verify the accuracy of testimony orthodromic

If these conditions are not met, then indications OK. a correction, leveling the left side of the equation on the right.

Accounting magnetic compass deviation for the third group of conditions is carried out according to the rules adopted for the second group.

Given the high accuracy of the exchange rate instrument for the third and the second groups according to the specific conditions of use of the flight may travel great circle of reference angles of the magnetic reference meridians.