How much time to go to the Zhukovsky airport
How much time to go to the Zhukovsky airport

How much time to go to the Zhukovsky airport: location, distance



Council №1: Getting to the Zhukovsky airport

City Zhukovsky known primarily by the fact that it annually hosts the International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS). here it is also going to build a National Center for aircraft construction. Another famous landmark is the Little Moscow children's railway.

How much time to go to the Zhukovsky airport: location, rasstoyanie1


  1. The easiest way to get to Zhukovsky in Moscow on a commuter train. Many of these trains departs from the Kazan railway station of the capital. For a trip to Zhukovsky best suited such trains: «Moscow - Fastiv", "Moscow - Slate", "Moscow - Ryazan-1", "Moscow - Vinogradovo", "Moscow - Golutvin" and "Moscow - 47-th km" .

  2. Before Zhukovsky can also be reached by bus. Moreover, to do this is quite simple, since many flights goes in this direction. From Art. the underground "Kuzminki" buses № 441, 478, 525, from the "Vykhino" - bus №424 (goes once every one hour).

  3. Five times a day from the station. Metro "Ryazan prospectus" a bus "Moscow - Zhukovsky". From "Vishniac" platform in the direction of a bus Zhukovsky №433.

How much time to go to the Zhukovsky airport: location, rasstoyanie2


  1. Also it offered the opportunity to get to the airport by bus Schelkovskogo where 10 bus departs daily flights. Time on the road equal to 50 minutes.

How much time to go to the Zhukovsky airport: location, rasstoyanie3


  1. One of the most convenient options for traveling to Zhukovsky is the use of a personal car. Here you can consider several options. According to the first variant of travel, it is necessary to go along Novoryazanskoye highway and turn according to the sign to Zhukovsky. The second variant of the trip to the airport involves a detour along the Egorievskoe highway through Ramenskoye and Zhukovsky. Choosing the third option, you need to go straight through Kraskovo and Lyubertsy, not turning anywhere. After driving 15 km, you will be at the entrance to the central street of Zhukovsky. The trip by its car from Moscow to Zhukovsky airport takes about 55 minutes. However, if the roads are loaded, the time will have to be spent more. Especially it concerns the route laid through Novoryazanskoye highway. Deaf traffic jams in the area of ​​Lyubertsy - a familiar picture, you can lose even up to 4-5 hours.

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Council №2: How to get to the Zhukovsky airport


City Zhukovsky located 25 km south-east of Moscow. Every year during the MAKS here tens of thousands of people come. Fortunately, the transport system of the Moscow region to cope with the load. To get to Zhukovsky are three main ways.


  1. Bus.

In the town of Zhukovsky ply modern and comfortable vehicles. They depart from the bus station, located near the metro station "Vykhino." Some buses go up and make a stop Ramenskoye Zhukovsky. Estimated travel time - 35-45 minutes, but because of traffic jams may be delays. The final stop on the bus route - ul. Latskov. Clarify schedule bus trips can be on the official websites of the shipping companies.

How much time to go to the Zhukovsky airport: location, rasstoyanie5


  1. Train.

From Kazan station Moscow daily departs a 70 trains, making a stop in the town of Zhukovsky. The time interval between flights vary from up to 5 30 minutes. Passenger must be go to the "Activities" station, the average travel time - about 55 minutes.

The advantages of using this type of transport are in a very low probability of delayed flights, but international trains on this commuter line, can not be called comfortable. Clarify the actual schedule of trains can be on the site of OJSC "Russian Railways", or in one of the specialized travel portals. If you want to get to the southern part of the city, it is better to leave at the next stop "Kratovo".

How much time to go to the Zhukovsky airport: location, rasstoyanie6



  1. Car.

To get to the city by car, you need to leave Moscow and drive along Ryazan Avenue, after going outside the Moscow Ring Road - along Lermontov Avenue, which is called Oktyabrsky Prospekt on the territory of Moscow Region Luberets. Here you have to make forced stops at several traffic lights. The avenue is divided in the southern part of the Lyubertsy on Egorovskoe highway, branching to the left and Ryazan, along which it is necessary to continue the movement. After 4 km of the way it should be turned to the left according to the pointer to Zhukovsky. On this road you will go to the central street of the city.


Buses run from the subway kotelniki (number and letter "e", but they do not go often) from Kuzminki goes 525 minibus, from Vyhino nothing goes!
Where shchedkovsky station and where zhukovsky? (2 completely different sides from Moscow, even if the card was opened, it would be physically clean from there for 50 minutes to Zhukovsky)

And if on the route novoryazanskaya at the turn you can wait on anything to get to the airport?