Smolensk aircraft plant
Smolensk aircraft plant

Smolensk aircraft plant



SmAZ (Open Joint Stock Company "Smolensk Aircraft Plant") - aircraft construction enterprises, located in Smolensk.

Along with the Saratov Aviation Plant in the Soviet era it was one of the foci of the serial production development of Yakovlev Design Bureau (passenger Yak-42, Sports Yak-18T). Engaged with 1990-s own development, but the main occupation of the factory at the moment is the maintenance and repair of aircraft previously produced, supply To other aviation enterprises of aircraft components. A member of the association "Tactical Missiles".The number of employees as of December 2012 1690 has reached people.

Smolensk aircraft plant


Key dates in the history of the plant


  • After-aircraft plant number 3 1926 - 1928);
  • Factory number 35 NCAP USSR (1928 - 1941);
  • Working under the supervision of the plant number 1, the city of Kuibyshev (1941 - 1944);
  • In place of the evacuated plant number 35 created in Smolensk aircraft plant number 475 MAP (NCAP) USSR (1944 - 1966);
  • Smolensk MAP USSR Machine-Building Plant (1967 - 1974);
  • Smolensk Aircraft Plant MAP USSR (1974 - 1993);
  • The company was renamed to JSC "Smolensk Aircraft Plant» (01.07.1993)
  • The company was renamed to OAO "Smolensk Aircraft Plant» (1996)

At the plant in 1956-1985 he worked Anatoly Romanov, Hero of Socialist Labor.


Smolensk aircraft plant




  • 08.11.1926 was held was the grand opening of the Smolensk aircraft plant repair number 3.
  • The plant in 1927 year mastered repair airplanes and-2, P-1, P-5, and-3, TB-1, P-6, engines M-11, M-5, M and M-34-17.
  • According to the order № 28 / 182 by Chief Aviation Administration of the People's Commissariat of Heavy Industry 28.05.1934, the factory number 39 name Menzhinsky the factory number № 35 was transferred to BOC (Bureau of the special designs), whose main task was to design and implementing of aircraft for long-distance and stratospheric flight. The main plant designers appointed Chizhevsky VA

Smolensk aircraft plant


  • In 1935 - 1936's plant is involved in the production of the USSR-1bis (stratosphere), BOC-1 (stratoplane with pressurized cabin), BOC-5 (aircraft type "flying wing", side-7 (high-altitude experimental aircraft,) BOC-15 ( a record for circumnavigation of the plane flight), the Soviet Union and Soviet-2-3 (gondolas stratosphere).
  • BOC in February 1938 Podlipki was transferred to the Moscow region of Smolensk and was incorporated into the design bureau number 29.
  • The plant in 1938-1939 years established and repair of aircraft-15, Security, And-16, motors M-25, M-100.


Smolensk aircraft plant


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