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The modern image of flight attendants. Questions not related to aviation. #3
The modern image of flight attendants. Questions not related to aviation. #3

The modern image of flight attendants. Questions not related to aviation. #3


Alina Kruminja (: Airline Etihad a good restaurant in the preparation of accounts after a great meal, you will not find in the account of the expensive dishes. You say to the waiter?

Alina:I am an honest man, and in this regard the principal. Be sure to tell the waiter about it, otherwise I torment the conscience.


Alina Kruminja you have a problem with the solution of a very important test, and you have the opportunity to safely cancel, then you write off?

Alina:No no and one more time no! Again - the principle. I appreciate the knowledge I appreciate them adequate and objective assessment. For me it is essential to obtain their own assessment, even if it is unsatisfactory, rather than get an excellent, but someone else's.

I'm such a young age. And if suddenly homework done at school, never cheated on the reverse ... I just came up to the teacher to open the diary and told me to put the unit.


Etihad flight attendant Who are the people alive today would you like to meet?

Alina:I would like to visit any forum with the participation of flight attendants from around the world. I would like to listen to their stories, share experiences, learn something new.

And from famous people - I would love to come out and see Eugene Grishkovets. I am inseparable from his books (:


Grishkovets My favorite literary hero?

Alina:Lermontov's Pechorin! He loved me back in the school days, when I read "Hero of Our Time" with a flashlight under the covers (:

It is not an ordinary character ... And, surprisingly, in their 14-15 years I have been in the man of the moment she saw herself, was able to understand him.


&quot;Pechorin&quot; Hood. Vrubel

"Pechorin"Hood. Vrubel favorite color?

Alina:Blue. The color of the sky ... The color of my eyes.


stewardess wedding would be your biggest misfortune?

Alina:Lose the most beloved person in the world.


Alina stewardess qualities that you value most in men?

Alina:In all, not only in men, appreciate the honesty and integrity should be respected for, for respect to be able to listen and hear, this is followed by Rapport .... In general, I can go on forever, and list all the most positive qualities in people, but in any case, for me, man begins with honesty.


a flight attendant on the plane What is your motto.

Alina:Do what you love. And love what you do.

This is the key to success, happiness and personal satisfaction (:

As Confucius said, "Choose a job to his liking, and you do not have to work a single day in your life", it is the way it is. Almost ... ((:


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