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Tactical attack AM-X

Tactical attack AM-X



Italian Air Force fighter was adopted in 1987, he replaced the outdated G-91. Plane X-AM is designed to solve problems of air defense, air reconnaissance, bomber tasks.
Power plant: One turbojet Rolls Royse Spey Mk. 807 5000 thrust kg.


AM-X pictures

AM-X pictures


AM-X pictures

AM-X pictures


The performance characteristics of the AM-X:


  • Wingspan, m 8,88

  • Length, m 13,57

  • Height, m ​​4,58

  • Wing area, m2 21,00

  • Empty weight, kg 6000

  • Useful weight, kg 3500

  • Launch weight, kg 12 000

  • Flight speed, km / h 0,95M

  • Range with combat load 1360 kg and two outboard

  • tanks, 1000 km

  • Crew 1

  • Bomb load kg 3800


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