The fighter Chengdu J-20


Analyst: demand for Chinese J-20 aircraft is higher than for Russian Su-57

The Chinese military analyst summed up the sad outcome for Russia.

According to the publication "Sina", the fifth-generation Chinese fighter jets are more promising than the Russian Su-57 fighter jets. This is indicated, at least, by the fact that several countries are already seriously interested in buying Chinese aircraft, with Pakistan becoming the main partner of China in the coming years, who have already expressed a desire to acquire a large batch of Chengdu J-20 fighter jets to increase their defense capability. provided that Kyaty will export these fifth-generation aircraft.

"Russia continues to praise its fifth-generation fighter aircraft, calling it one of the best in history, however, due to lack of demand, it is logical to assume that not all countries consider such an opinion appropriate to reality. Russia's only potential partner was India, but it refused to implement a joint project with Russia, calling Su-57 fighters ineffective. For this reason, there is no reason to believe that American and Russian fighters of the fifth generation are better than Chinese ones ", - the publication "Sina" informs.

Russian analysts in their turn strongly disagree with the arguments of Chinese experts, believing that the PRC only attempts to advertise its combat aircraft and find partners for their purchase.

Experts in turn did not rule out the possibility that if China really sells its fifth-generation fighters to Pakistan, then India will without any hesitation purchase Russian aircraft, especially since already after refusing to implement the FGFA program, the authorities of this country thought about the fact, whether such a decision was the right one.

What is the demand for Chinese aircraft if they have not passed the full test, they even have a Russian engine.

Did not know that Chendu 20 is already on sale

Well, as if the Turks have also su-57 not to buy, and has not sold China yet no aircraft, so loudly screaming the whole world

Such news is amusing. Just how you can buy something that is completely secret, and the basic TTX are unknown. And what else really does not fly. These are just empty words. What is known:

Su-57 is a crude aircraft, which even has no regular engines, and it still flies on engines from Su-35.

J-20 - even more crude aircraft, which has no engine even comparable with the engine from Su-35. They even su-35 were forced to purchase, in the hope of stashing their engine. By the way, to each drying, one spare engine was used to counter, so that out of two dryers one person will be able to assemble one :) and if the plane is disassembled, then all one and a half!

It is assumed that the Chinese aircraft is more invisible ... But at the same time there is information (possibly not true) that it is seen perfectly.

About avionics and the rest - I do not presume to judge. So the words of the Chinese can be a big brazen lie about the superiority of their aircraft. Especially since the Su-57 passed the run-in in Syria, there is a combat experience than China can not boast.


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