Royal Air Force


British media: 30% of combat aircraft British Air Force can not even take off

British media reported on the disrepair of the Royal Air Force of Great Britain.

Despite the fact that British Prime Minister Teresa Mei is trying to position the kingdom as a mighty power, the British edition of the Daily Mail has brought information from which it can be concluded that the British Air Force, which for unknown reasons are considered the best in Europe, completely incompetent.

As follows from the submitted data, as of February 2017, 21 from 63 being in service with the British Air Force bomber, was found unfit for flying. Moreover, a similar situation is observed in the ranks of the fighter aviation of the British Air Force - 43 and 135 Typhoon fighters also need a full-fledged repair and can not perform combat missions.

Analysts of the British edition are forced to admit that to date the state of the Royal Air Force of Britain leaves much to be desired, and attempts to point to a certain power are more propagandistic and provocative than have something in common with reality.

In the spring of this year, British Prime Minister Teresa Mei stated that the British Air Force could well cope with the Russian military security services, which was regarded as a threat, and caused serious criticism among military analysts.