Former commander of the LPR People's Militia Mangushev dies after being shot in the head

Shot a few days ago, the former commander of the NM of the LPR, Igor Mangushev, died in the hospital.

The wounds inflicted on Mangushev turned out to be incompatible with life, despite all the efforts made by the doctors. According to preliminary data, certain parts of the brain were so critically damaged that they could not be restored. The death of Igor Mangushev was reported by his friend Akim Apachev, and later this information was also confirmed by sources familiar with the situation.

The attack on Igor Mangushev happened a few days ago. The identity of the attackers has not yet been revealed, however, there is evidence that the reason for the attack on him could be a serious quarrel with someone from his entourage, although at the same time, accomplices of Kyiv may also be behind the attack on Mangushev, especially since earlier, Mangushev, because of his statements and scandalous performance on stage with the skull of a Ukrainian soldier (according to Mangushev himself), was classified as a banned organization. According to a number of sources, Mangushev managed to open a cell inside the LPR, whose members passed important information and secret information to the enemy.

Mangushev himself called himself a PR man and a political strategist, often associating himself with the Wagner PMC. Mangushev actively supported the Russian units located on the front line.


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