Venezuela cargo


"It can be anything": Russia delivered a mysterious cargo to Venezuela

A Russian plane delivered a mysterious cargo to Venezuela.

The appearance of Russian aircraft and a large number of military in Venezuela caused a lot of questions from specialists, as unconfirmed information emerged that Russia is preparing to deploy a full-fledged military air base in a Latin American state. Moreover, photos of the mysterious cargo that arrived on board the military transport aircraft also appeared on the Web.

On the presented photos can be seen. that this is not about products and medicines, but about a cargo of unknown nature, carefully covered with a tarpaulin, and unloaded on the platform of a truck. According to experts, we can talk about a cargo of military purpose, however, experts find it difficult to speculate on what exactly we can talk about.

“This could be anything, ranging from long-range missiles for the C-300В SAM systems, which have already been deployed throughout Venezuela, and about the electronic warfare means that the authorities need to combat reconnaissance aircraft of the United States, which is increasingly approaching Venezuelan borders”, - the analyst notes.

In the photo you can see that we are talking about at least two consignments of secret cargo - one of them is only unloaded from the aircraft, while the second is seen to the left, but does not fit entirely into the frame.

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