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F-22 or Su-57? The winner of the air battle

The edition "The National Interest" named the winner in the air battle between Su-57 and F-22.

With the advent of the 5 fighter Su-57 in service in Russia, this aircraft has caused a stunning success all over the world. Until then, the 5-generation aircraft were only in the arsenal of the United States, but Russia, and later the PRC, significantly reduced the Pentagon's military advantage.

Specialists regularly conduct research and special tests to identify the real winner in the air battle that can take place between modern fighters, and because the Pentagon does not even consider Chinese Chengdu J-20 as a competitor, the publication "The National Interest" decided publish your own report on a possible air meeting of F-22 and Su-57.

"It is very difficult to predict the outcome of an air battle between the Russian Su-57 fighter and the American F-22. Both these planes are worthy of each other, however, as is known, in air combat there can be only one winner. Is the Russian 5-generation aircraft a threat to F-22? The answer is quite obvious - no ", - says the publication "The National Interest".

Nevertheless, it is important to consider that it is a question of the current state of each combat aircraft. In the middle of the 20-X, the Russian Su-57 can get a new power plant, and this seriously worries specialists, because at the moment, and independent experts say about it, the outcome of the battle between the two "super-fighters" will be determined by the skill of the crew.

"The decision of the specialists of The National Interest was highly anticipated. Of course, if you say that the Russian plane is superior to F-22, then it will deal a serious blow to the prestige of the United States, and even less effective F-35 is unlikely to be bought by anyone. Su-57 has the highest maneuverability, which no other aircraft in the world possesses anymore, and its modern systems allow to nullify the entire technology of the "invisibility" of the American F-22, which the Pentagon is betting on ", - said the analyst

* Su-57 is a promising Russian multifunctional fighter of the fifth generation, developed by OK Sukhoi Design Bureau within the framework of the PAK FA project (the I-21 program). Until August 2017, the aircraft was known under the factory index T-50; 11 August 2017 year, the commander in chief of the Russian Civil Aviation Committee Viktor Bondarev first officially announced the serial name of a fifth-generation fighter.

With America's pile of iron, there is nothing to compare: Russia surpasses Americans in all things, even in the power of thinking! Russia rules!

A Th compare ?? Su-57 flew three times and everything, but with F-22 we are familiar even. Comparison is not relevant here, until the Su-57 itself shows. and it seems that our aircraft builders do not need it - it's better to start a laudatory ode

Drying is rubbish, not even Raptor. As if Shoigu Su-57 - scrap metal was not puffed up, and the lack of its application is a real confirmation of this


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