Investigation of the disaster in Ukraine


Dutch television announced the availability of a picture proving the destruction MH17 rocket launched from the ground

Television of the Netherlands stated that there is evidence of the destruction of Flight MH17 missiles "ground-to-air."

Broadcaster RTL Live made a statement that Malaysia Boeing 777 flight MH17 was destroyed by a missile of class "surface-to-air", and in this as evidence a photograph. Despite the statements made, a picture that supposedly should demonstrate the destruction of an aircraft in the air has not been presented that suggests myl on the unfounded statements made, attempts what is not once taken.

It should be noted that currently under consideration are two main versions of the causes of the plane crash - the destruction of the Malaysian aircraft missiles "ground-to-air" and the destruction of aircraft or aircraft gun "air-to-air" missile.

Evidence from the witness testimonies, the camera is taken for examination from the missile launch plume witness testified