The Hussites fired missiles on the plane of the US Secretary of State. Video

The Hussites tried to destroy the Pompeo plane in response to the liquidation of Suleimani.

A few days ago, the territory of Saudi Arabia was subjected to a powerful attack by the Hussites, who are members of the Ansar Allah group. Several ballistic missiles and “kamikaze” drones were fired towards the Prince Sultan’s military airbase, however, today it became known that at that moment the plane with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had landed at Prince Sultan’s airbase, and therefore Hussites, actively supported by Iran, obviously tried to eliminate it, probably in response to the assassination of Kassem Suleimani.

In the originally presented video, you can see how ballistic missile defense reflects the impact of ballistic missiles and affects unmanned aerial vehicles. However, subsequently a video appeared that captured the visit of Mike Pompeo to the Saudi military air base, in connection with which, experts connected this attack with an attempt to eliminate the US Secretary of State.

“Since it is Pompeo who is responsible for the liquidation of Suleimani, it is extremely important for Iran and its controlled forces to eliminate this key figure. However, the main question remains how exactly the Hussites took control of the information about the appearance of Mike Pompeo in Saudi Arabia? ”- notes the specialist

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