Rocket armor


Tests of the newest rocket C-8OFP "Broneboyschik" officially completed

Ended tests of the latest rocket "Armor"

RIA Novosti, referring to the general director of the Tekhmash concern, announced the completion of tests of the new C-8OFP “Broneibyshchik”. Now we are talking about the direction of these missiles in the units of the Russian army.

The Su-25 aircraft and the Mi-8 helicopters will be equipped with the “Armored Worker”. The newest missile has a fuse that can be configured so that the warhead does not explode when it hits the barrier. That is, at first “Armor” strikes it, and then destroys the target behind it. However, it is possible and such a setting in which the explosion will occur before the obstacle.

The newest Russian rocket is an 80-mm caliber ammunition. Its configuration is the same as those in service with unguided aircraft missiles of the same caliber. At the same time, its combat capabilities are five to six times higher.

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