Fighters F-16 Israeli Air Force


Israeli fighters in a panic fled, being in the sights of the Syrian C-300

Israel for the first time, since the delivery of C-300 to Syria, approached the borders of the Arab Republic.

According to available data, on Monday four Israeli fighters left the military airbase and headed north to the country, where they illegally crossed Lebanese airspace and approached the Syrian-Lebanese border at a distance of 5 kilometers. Israeli warplanes stayed near Syria’s border for a relatively short time, as they almost immediately found themselves in the sights of Syrian anti-aircraft missile systems C-300 “Favorite”, which were ready to strike at the Israeli border crossing or at the first signs of aggression.

Analysts believe that Israeli fighters checked the readiness of the Syrian anti-aircraft defense, and given that in the Lebanese city of Tripoli, the fighters immediately turned around and headed into Israeli airspace, it is logical to assume that the C-300 set in the Arab Republic’s air defense system "Favorite" were fully prepared to immediately open fire on the Israeli F-16.

According to experts, Israel will be ready to make a new attempt to attack Syria with the help of its F-35i "Adir" fighters, and this can happen in the next few days, since the transfer of the C-300 to Syria’s weapons is fully completed.

According to the data that appeared the day before, Russia handed over to the Syrian government forces for free three divisions of the C-300 air defense system “Favorite”, which implies the presence of mobile launchers in service with the 36 SAR.

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