The Israeli Air Force attacked the Iranian military: at least six people died, dozens injured. Video

Israeli Air Force launched a missile attack on the positions of the Iranian military.

A few hours ago it became known that Israel launched a series of powerful rocket attacks against the Iranian military, whose base is located in the territory of neighboring Iraq. According to the information provided, depots with ballistic missiles were attacked, as a result of which at least six soldiers of the IRGC were killed, and dozens of other military personnel were injured.

On the presented video you can see that we are talking about quite powerful blows that led to a big explosion and the subsequent fire. This strike was the first from Israel to the territory of Iraq over the past 38 years. Experts call the actions of the Israeli military act of aggression, aimed directly against the two sovereign states.

"Israel, pointing to the supposedly existing threat from Tehran, is actively bombing Syria, Iraq and the Iranian military, interfering in the affairs of states located at a distance of several hundred kilometers", - the expert notes.

In Israel itself, this information was refused to comment, however, experts point to the fact that Russia could detect the Israeli air force that had attacked the Iranian military, however. given the large number of victims and victims, did not.