An aircraft-124


Kiev is not a decree: in Ulyanovsk will begin to produce "Ruslans"

Ulyanovsk Aviastar-SP is preparing to produce An-124 aircraft Ruslan.

At the moment, at the disposal of the resource, there are reports that the Ulyanovsk Aviation Plant Aviastar-SP placed on the information resource of government procurement an application in which it is proposed to evaluate the readiness for the production of the largest and most load-bearing in the world (serial production - Ed.) transport planes An-124 "Ruslan".

Applications for the tender are accepted until 26 June, after which it will be possible to objectively assess whether Ulyanovsk Aircraft Plant will start to produce these heavy transport aircraft in the near future, which may be in demand both in the military and in the civil sphere.

Previously, official Kiev stated that it was categorically against the production of heavy Ruslan transport planes on the territory of Russia, but experts dispelled the illusions of Ukraine about this, saying that the An-124 airplane was designed and manufactured during the Soviet era, therefore, this aircraft is not an object of intellectual property of Ukraine.

Experts do not exclude that other countries may be interested in buying heavy transport airplanes, if their production will indeed be resumed in the Russian Federation, in particular, quite recently China has shown great interest in these aircraft, but such potential partners of Russia may be countries like Germany and India.

* An-124 "Ruslan" is a Soviet heavy transport aircraft, which is the record-holder for cargo capacity among serially produced transport aircraft.

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