The Chinese version of the Su-30 was better than the Russian original

The Chinese version of the Su-30 fighter was better than the original Russian version.

The heavy fighter Su-30MKK, armed with the PRC Air Force, was able to surpass the original version of the Russian combat aircraft in its capabilities. Thanks to the use of new structural materials, the fighter began to weigh less, and the modernization of the airborne radar and weapon control system made it possible to bring this aircraft closer to the Su-35.

“After all the improvements, the aircraft was able to use advanced missiles from the Su-35 arsenal. And thanks to the new aluminum alloys used in the fighter’s hull and carbon-fiber rudders, the aircraft began to weigh much less than other versions of the Su-30. <...> As a result, the new version of the still Soviet Su-30 fighter, which was equipped with powerful weapons and a first-class electronic suppression system, took first place in its class ”- reports "Ferra".

It is noteworthy that earlier the Chinese media, and we are talking about the Eastday and Sina publications, published information according to which the Chinese Air Force could soon abandon the Russian Su-30, because, according to experts, these aircraft no longer have high efficiency of its application.