Fighter J-31


Chinese fighter of the fifth generation will equip the old Russian aircraft engine

China will install the old Russian aircraft engine on the new generation fighter aircraft.

This afternoon, the Chinese edition of iFeng published an article in which specialists report that the second type of fifth-generation Chinese fighter, and this is the J-31 aircraft, which is currently completing the tests, will be equipped with a Russian turbojet dual-path engine RD-93 .

It should be clarified that the RD-93 turbojet engine is a modified version of the Soviet RD-33 engine (the characteristics of the two power units correspond to each other - ed.), Which was developed in 1977, which caused a lot of bewilderment among the specialists.

"China has decided to equip its aircraft with an engine, which for some reason is considered morally obsolete? In that case, it can not be asserted that the J-31 fighter is a fifth-generation aircraft, at least until China somehow argues its position ", - experts say.

Initially, it was assumed that the Chinese fighter of the fifth generation J-31 will be equipped with engines with controlled thrust vector, which would make it sufficiently maneuverable and less vulnerable to the enemy, but there is an assumption that the choice in favor of RD-93 is associated with a relatively low cost this power unit, which, by the way, is the most massive dual-circuit engine in its thrust class (more than 5000 units produced - ed.).