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Klintsevich: NATO will hammer so that Mama Do not Cry

A member of the Federation Council said when NATO will cease to exist.

The North Atlantic Alliance is actively continuing to press that Russia is an aggressive-minded country. According to the latest data, the Kaliningrad region poses a serious threat to Europe, where the NATO command noticed modernized military air bases, new bunkers and modern weapons. According to the command of the North Atlantic Alliance, it is from the Kaliningrad region that Russia can strike at eastern and central Europe.

“New silos. New missiles. Modernized air force bases. Replenishment of ammunition stores. Moscow is up to something in Kaliningrad, its militarized outpost aimed in the heart of Europe. ”- reports the Australian edition.

Despite the fact that Australia is located at a great distance from Russia, this country is actively stirring up passions around the so-called Russian aggression, which causes panic among ordinary Europeans and forces politicians to increase their military presence at the Russian borders. Against this background, member of the Federation Council Frants Klintsevich stated that the opinion around the Kaliningrad region is erroneous.

“It’s very hard to argue with stupid people like this Australian journalist. Yes, Kaliningrad from a geostrategic point of view occupies a very important place and is of the most serious importance for Russia, I say this as a military man. But, in principle, this city cannot be used as a springboard for offensive operations to seize some territories due to its remoteness from the most important communications. ”, - he said.

Nevertheless, Klintsevich said that the Kaliningrad region is still a part of Russia, and any attempts by NATO to put military pressure on this region will be immediately suppressed.

“If suddenly something threatens the Kaliningrad region, then we will hammer from the mainland so that Mama does not grieve!”- said Franz Klintsevich.

According to Russian analysts, today the Kaliningrad region has enough weapons to contain the onslaught of almost any European country, however, modern Russian weapons allow strikes from Russian territory up to France, and therefore, any aggression will result in complete destruction offensive side.

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