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Lithuania is not profitable Wizz Air and Ryanair

Lithuania claims that prisoners contract with Wizz Air and Ryanair are Unprofitable for the country.
The aviation authorities of Lithuania stated that the contracts concluded with the airlines - loukostami and Wizz Air and Ryanair will operate for three more years. At the moment, they can not be undone or changed in any way. Although the situation, does not suit the Lithuanian side. Another, additional problem for Vilnius airport is the basic requirement of Ryanair, to reduce the applicable rates at Vilnius airport to the level that the airline has at the regional airport of Kaunas, where this airline is the only customer, and thus the carrier. Declaring that the airline Ryanair, will stop the flights to Kaunas, the authorities consider pressure, said the head of the airline Gediminas Almantas.

Another European airline, the low-cost Wizz Air, which operates flights from Vilnius, absolutely does not want to move to Kaunas. Of course, no one can force them to pass forcibly, while others, budget airlines, are not interested in mastering the Lithuanian market, as it is occupied by two quite large airlines - loukosts. In this way. There was a desperate situation, - said the head of the airport in Vilnius.