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Malaysia complained about Russian fighters and manufacturers

Malaysia was disappointed in the purchase of Russian fighters.

A high-ranking Malaysian official criticized the purchase of Russian fighters Su-30MKM and MiG-29H, saying that due to bureaucratic regulations, the interaction of the manufacturer and the customer causes a number of difficulties. According to the official, maintenance of aircraft purchased from the US is much easier than to conduct similar cooperation with Russia, while emphasizing that cooperation with Russia is not advisable.

"The problem with Russian aircraft is the Russian way of doing business. They must support us for some time after we purchased the aircraft, but they do not disclose everything. At the height of the procurement, we were not informed about the need to carry out certain types of maintenance work after 10 years, which only they are able to perform. Ultimately, this means that everything that was bought in America, like subsequent maintenance, was very reliable ""- quotes the words of the Malaysian official publication" FMT News ".

Experts do not exclude that the statement of the Malaysian high-ranking official may lead to a decrease in demand for Russian military equipment.

I work in Aviation for 10 years and know perfectly well that all these Malaysians. Chinese people. Algerians and t n want absolutely free of all. And they do the technology and maintenance and repair for free! They were satisfied with the time of the USSR when it was really so but not now, now pay the money according to the tariff, international,)))

But they do not know how.
The foreheads crack and crack their beards, but it did not all come together.

Call me a country that completely transfers its technology and all the secrets of a complete repair. America and the French do not even let me close to my planes, and with unauthorized climbing into someone else's technical staff, completely deprives the technology of the guarantee and submits them to the court. And as you like, this high light all the laws under them.

The Hindus with Paf were poimeli in full. On their money about the catalytic technology and the production of new components. Su-57 is a global-scale cover for the creation of the 6 generation aircraft, which was running parallel to the PF. Therefore, the Indians go to the forest and dance. They demanded that they transfer technology, but there it was.

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What do you know about business in general? Throughout the world, the task of any business is to sell. You think the Amerites just rushed into your arms after buying LA. I have experience working with foreign and our aircraft suppliers. The main task of the same Italians vparit LA and more different gadgets to them. And as for the warranty maintenance, they will find a lot of excuses, so as not to go. At best, recommendations on the phone.

And the Pindos' technique is a perpetual motion machine? After ten years of use and do not do maintenance? Eraser on the slingshot and she will tear ...

This is business in Russian, the main thing is to sell

Yes, you do not need to pay attention to such information. everything is correctly done, that no know-how is understood by anyone.
and the opinion of the Hindus and Malaysians about the quality and other things in technology is generally ridiculous. it's hucksters are those. Russian technology is one of the few on the planet, passing a run-in in intense combat conditions and is expensive. just respect yourself and your work and they will scare you

You did not read the terms of delivery ...

A typical move in commerce, you can immediately see the lobbying of the interests of American manufacturers, Our just when they sell do not take into account the intersection of interests .... Price and quality is far from 1 place, this is the world ...

and that American planes are serviced by someone else? Strange thinks. And Onesam can serve American aircraft. Lego

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And you still wonder why India does not buy? nafiga her nedosamolot Su-57 for the price of 1,5 F-35 ??? Forward Rasha, we take our rating and shake our fists, but do not think with our brains

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