In Ukraine, they are preparing a bill to punish men who illegally left the country during the hostilities

In Ukraine, it is planned to develop a legislative initiative providing for the introduction of punishment for men who illegally leave the country during the period of hostilities. This was stated by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Igor Klymenko. According to him, the draft law is being prepared jointly with the parliament and the government of the country.

The preparation of this bill is a response to a serious public discussion related to the fact that a significant number of men choose to leave Ukraine, instead of taking part in hostilities on the territory of the country. According to Klymenko, such behavior can be regarded as evasion of civic duty at a critical moment for the country.

Thus, the Ukrainian authorities are going to amend the current legislation in order to establish responsibility for illegally leaving the country during hostilities. The main details of the project have not yet been disclosed, but it is expected that they will become known after the completion of work on the document.

According to Klymenko, such measures are necessary to ensure national security and support the Ukrainian military personnel who are on the front line.


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