Helicopter carrier


In the arsenal of Russia there will be helicopter carriers

Russia decided to start building helicopter carriers.

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Viktor Barsuk said that in the near future in the arsenal of Russia there will be universal helicopter carriers. According to experts, this could mean that Russia decided to initially make a bid for the development of marine helicopter aviation, since these projects are relatively easy to implement, do not require enormous costs and will be implemented quickly enough.

"In accordance with the shipbuilding program approved by the president of our country, the fleet intends and will carry out the construction of large amphibious ships. This year the design bureaus will start developing the design of these ships and after completion, just two years later, we hope that we will be able to lay a new ship of the new series ", - said Deputy Commander of the Naval Forces of the Russian Federation Viktor Barsuk.

The advent of helicopter carriers will ensure high efficiency in patrolling the sea, and it will also provide relatively broad opportunities to ensure the security of the borders of the Russian Federation

Given the information provided, it should be noted that the construction of helicopter carriers will not begin before 2020 year, while the implementation of these projects can go from 5 to 10 years.

* Helicopter carrier is a type of aircraft carrier specially designed for carrying helicopters, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, and therefore does not have airplane take-off equipment (catapults, landing cables). As a rule, it is simultaneously an anti-submarine or amphibious ship. It can have several airplanes with a vertical or ultra-short take-off in the air wing.

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