New attacks were carried out on Dnepr airport


New attacks were carried out on Dnepr airport

A new round of massive missile attacks hit a number of military and infrastructure facilities in Ukraine, leading to serious destruction and fires, especially noticeable at the Dnepr airport. According to Ukrainian sources supported by the pro-Russian underground, the latest attacks caused powerful explosions followed by detonations, leading to a large-scale fire and the formation of acrid smoke.

Dnepr airport, which is used for military purposes, was the target of a repeat attack after previous attacks had already caused significant damage to its infrastructure. In particular, crews of the air defense system, warehouses with aviation ammunition were destroyed, and MiG-29 fighters were damaged. The latest missile strikes were likely aimed at the final destruction of the remaining equipment and weapons.

It is reported that ambulances and fire brigades were seen at the scene, but there is no information yet about the consequences of the strikes.


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