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Private plane


Found the wreckage disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle plane

Found the wreckage disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle of the private plane.

Lasted several hours operation has allowed to find the wreckage of the aircraft, however, as local media reported on board the aircraft one of presumably to be here six people, was not, in this connection, the search and rescue work continues at the present moment.

Experts do not rule out that as a result of the crash the people who were on board the aircraft, it can survive, because the distance from the area of ​​the crash to the nearest island is about 35 km, however, the chances of this are minimal, and everything depends on the actions of rescuers.


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Attention! I will not make you happy with this fact because for 35km from the islands it may be unsuccessful to make a swim to the nearest shore if, of course, they had an inflatable boat at hand, it could also be lucky ...