Flights to Crimea


Despite the prohibitions of Ukraine, 11 airlines fly to the Crimea

11 Russian airlines continue to fly to the Crimea, despite the discontent of Ukraine.

The day in Simferopol And in the opposite direction, about 30 flights are carried out, and air travel is primarily due to the demand of passengers themselves. In the near future, the Ukrainian authorities intend to file complaints against all air carriers, which, as the government of the country claims, carry out illegal flights.

It is assumed that with the onset of the summer period, the number of air carriers from the Russian Federation to the Crimea will only increase - given the past season, more than 20 airlines flew to the Crimea. In addition, it is expected that the first international flights will be launched next year, in particular, its flights to the Crimea are not ruled out by the Belarusian airline "BelAvia».