Military in Syria


“No to the Americans!”: The Russian military “brought” thousands of Kurds against the United States. Video

The United States is starting to have very big problems with the Kurds.

A video appeared on the Web in which, according to sources, one can see how Russian troops, being in the north-eastern part of Syria, quite clearly explain to the Syrian Kurds that the appearance of American forces in this region will only lead to an escalation of the situation, recalling what the last skirmish between the Kurds and the US military patrol ended. The reaction of the Kurds was incredibly powerful - thousands of people, supporting the Russian military, began to chant “No to America!”

On the presented video frames, you can see that the Syrian Kurds, at least in this region of Syria, are very strongly opposed to the appearance of the US military here, and given the presence of weapons in the Kurds, new clashes are quite likely. On the video, you can see that we are talking about more than a thousand people, in connection with which, the user of the Twitter account “Last Defender” made the assumption that the US and Turkey could begin to have very serious problems.

“Russia, Syria and the Kurds. Erdogan and Trump seem to be in serious trouble. ”, - it was said in the message under the corresponding video.

It should be clarified that after the incident that occurred a few days ago in this area of ​​Syria, US military patrols did not appear here again.

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