Airline Orenburg Airlines


Novokuznetsk and Sochi joined the regular flights of "Orenburg airlines"

Airline "Orenburg airlines»Launched flights from Spichenkovo ​​(Novokuznetsk) airport to Sochi.

Earlier the portal already informed that the Russian air carrier intends to start flying on a new route route, and starting from today, flights from Novokuznetsk to Sochi will be performed regularly once a week.

To overcome the distance between Novokuznetsk and Sochi, passenger airliners Boeing 737-800 Orenburg Airlines will need a little less than 5 hours, while passengers departing from Novokuznetsk to 19 hours at exactly local time will be able to get to Sochi airport already at 19 hours 50 minutes, according to the time of the Black Sea resort city.