The aircraft SSJ-100


New Russian aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet 100 allowed for spare parts

Mexican airline "InterJet" launched SSJ-100 aircraft for spare parts.

According to the information and news resource, the Mexican carrier "InterJet" decided to disassemble Russian passenger airliners Sukhoi SuperJet 100 for spare parts and components, which was primarily caused by problems with the supply of spare parts from Russia. In fact, the air carrier was forced to take such a step, because otherwise the company would have to stop operating passenger liners SSJ-100.

At the moment, InterJet is trying to blame for the cannibalization of its own air fleet, however, if the problems were related to the supply of spare parts from Russian aircraft manufacturers, then much more questions arise specifically to the Russian side.

Until recently, in the park of the Mexican airline "InterJet" was 22 passenger airliner Sukhoi SuperJet 100, however, after dismantling four aircraft, the fleet carrier shrank to 18 Russian airliners.

Considering the fact that for the sake of repair, the air carrier had to disassemble spare parts and component parts of new aircraft, the rating of Russian aircraft manufacturers could be undermined, especially since the aircraft themselves are not as popular as they were supposed to be.

By the current moment of any official comments from domestic aircraft manufacturers, the resource has not yet been received.

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"Civil Sukhoi" completely corrupt hole - I know one of their "bosses" all his life he stole and extorted through various organizations. Similar to the like. Therefore, it is not profitable for them to trade in spare parts - for this bribes and kickbacks are not paid. That's the question none of them are interested in.

not for nothing in Aeroflot, they are sitting in parking lots, flying per day for 16 year they have 3,5 hours and Mexicans 5.