Airline IrAero


New SSJ-100 made an emergency landing in two days after the start of operation

New SSJ-100 on the second day of their operation has made an emergency landing at Omsk airport.

At the moment, the news agency known that aircraft owned domestic carrier "IrAero", literally the day after the beginning of its operation, has made an emergency landing in Omsk. The main reason for this is called a technical failure, in particular, noted that the most likely circumstance was the disruption of the hydraulic system.

The aircraft carried out the execution of the flight from Barnaul to Sochi, at the same time, no one on board the aircraft were no casualties, but the very fact that the new aircraft almost immediately fell into a similar situation. Obviously swipe the image of domestic aircraft manufacturers.

Nothing wrong. The new aircraft, will show children's illnesses. Airbus crashed on the first show and fly right now.